Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy Critter News

I started my blog several years ago because there was so much good news spilling out of my critique group (my first post in 2008). And this week has been another one of those weeks.

My dear friend, Marcia Hoehne, has just signed with literary agent Peter Knapp. He's such a perfect fit. Read about her journey and be inspired by her perseverance. She is also starting up her private critique service, so keep her in mind if you need one. She's thorough, careful and caring, with questions and suggestions that will make you dig deeper. If you read her blog, you'll get a sense of what a well-balanced life she leads, writing, teaching, taking care of her family, praying, and enjoying everything to the fullest.

Today another dear friend, Allyson Valentine, was featured on Cynsations. Her debut novel, How (Not) to Find a Boyfriend is finally out! Two years ago, when we were moving to SC, I learned about her contract and the devastating events going on in her family. But Allyson persevered. You can read her amazing story at Cynsations. I am so proud of her. And it inspires me to keep on working when the work is hard, when life is not ideal.

Last week I reconnected with an old friend, Shelley Souza. I saw her picture on Writer Unboxed, but the name beside it was Sevigne. It had to be Shelley, I thought. So I wrote to her. She called me back. We talked for four hours. I kid you not. And if you know me, you know how much I dislike this contraption called the telephone. But it was lovely to catch up on our writing lives, and what pleasure it was to listen to her read a short story and excerpts from her current work. She is a beautiful writer, and I cannot wait for her books to be on the shelf, just like my other critters. And if you're wondering about her alter-ego Sevigne, it is her mother's and grandmother's name. Lovely.

I am so rich for having these brave and beautiful women in my life. May God bless them and all their endeavors abundantly.


Mirka Breen said...

They're lucky to have you in their corner, too, Vijaya.

Leandra Wallace said...

Congrats to Allyson! I really like those purple nails on the cover!

Marcia said...

Oh, , what a sweet post. I'm so moved by Allyson's story and her success, and how special that you've reconnected with another friend. Yes, every 15 years or so, I can talk on the phone that long, too. :) And do listen to Mirka.

Marcia said...

Ha, I forgot about html having its way. Swapping out the > and < for parentheses, the first sentence reads: "Oh, (sniff), what a sweet post."

Christina Farley said...

wow! Lots of great news here. I'm going to have to stop by and tell Marcia congrats!