Saturday, September 14, 2013

Car Talk Guys discuss the Pope's Renault

These are just some of the comments that had me laughing:

  • I always thought the Pope would drive a Christ-ler
  • The pope can easily handle a flooded engine. Even if it’s of Biblical proportions.
  • I haven’t seen car trouble like this since we tried to fit all the Apostles in one Accord.
  • It’s either burning oil, or you’ve just been replaced.
  • “A little black smoke is fine, just watch out for the white smoke”.
  • Look the Vatican acquired a new relic.
  • “The Spiritus Sancti made manifold…”
  • “Well, sir, it keeps overheating because the water in the radiator keeps turning to wine…”

  • Read the full article here:

    Wipes tears!

    I love this Pope! He's keeping everybody on his toes.


    Becky Shillington said...

    Vijaya, I always enjoy listening to these guys, even though I am not a car person AT ALL! Thanks for sharing this!

    Faith E. Hough said...

    He he. :) I haven't been keeping up with news of any sort, but I'm glad you brought this to my attention. I love Pope Francis...and the Car Talk guys, too. :)

    Mirka Breen said...

    Papal car humor... who knew!

    Vijaya said...

    Becky, I don't know how I became a car lover, but when I discovered this show on the radio, I was delighted.

    Faith, it's just like the Pope to run off in an old car ...

    Mirka, the priests down South have a GREAT sense of humor. Dry.