Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Confusion and Controversy in Catholic Schools

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St. Thomas Aquinas, the Angelic Doctor of the Church is the patron saint of Catholic education, teachers and seekers of wisdom and knowledge. We are celebrating Catholic Schools Week in many dioceses across the nation and we are very blessed to have our children in schools that adhere to the Catholic faith and incorporate it in all their subjects. But this is not the case everywhere. In the name of tolerance and kindness, many Catholics do not offer fraternal correction and worse, stray from the teachings of the Bible and the Church.

I mourn the loss of the consecrated religious who taught in our schools. I was Convent-educated in India and those nuns instilled a very strong moral center. Although I left my faith, a spark of Truth remained. We are asked to live by our conscience but it needs to be formed by the Holy Spirit! Not popular culture, where morality goes in and out of fashion. Remember that the path to hell is paved with good intentions (I paraphrase St. Bernard de Clairvaux).
In the past weeks I have learned of several disturbing events at Eastside Catholic, the school Max attended for a year in sixth grade, before we moved to SC. Here's the background. Briefly, some of the faculty are choosing to get "married" to their same sex partner now that WA has redefined marriage. These teachers cannot serve in Catholic schools. Not only is it a contractual breach, but even without a contract, a Catholic school needs to make sure they are not teaching anything that goes against Church doctrine. Our lives and the way we conduct ourselves speak louder than any words we might say in the classroom. Alas, parents and kids are protesting the resignation of these teachers. They are all confused.
I used to be just as confused. My motto was live and let live. But in my lifetime, things have gone from bad to worse to insane. The Church has opened my eyes. Marriage has always been between a man and a woman. It is an institution that promotes life, fidelity, and the raising of children. Anything that deviates from this model (and in history it has) results in the failure of the culture to thrive. Two women who love each other should be like sisters. They should not sexualize it. Same with two men. Marital love can only exist between a man and a woman, the fruit of which are children. This is what the church teaches.
But we do not need the church to know that homosexuality is intrinsically disordered. No children can come from that union. The body isn't designed for it. I still remember when a friend explained what it meant to be a homosexual. I was in high school and the mere thought of somebody sticking anything in the place where feces comes out made me ill. Homosexual acts are unnatural. When I worked in a hospital, I learned about torn rectums and more. I am sorry to be so graphic, but we need to develop a sense of horror for the things that are horrible.
So imagine my surprise when I was looking at the list of the ALA winners. As I was scrolling down, I saw an award for gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender literature! Good grief! Why? These books can be nominated in all the regular categories. Why promote abnormal behavior or try to normalize it?
I keep wondering why is it that such a tiny minority (statistically speaking, homosexuality is rare otherwise the species would not perpetuate) can have such a huge voice and presence in the media, and it hit me. Once premarital sex, multiple sexual partners, and divorce became *normal* so did other sexual behaviors. There are no limits now to whom or what we'll use for the sake of pleasure. It won't be long before polygamy, pedophilia, and bestiality is just another flavor of sexuality. We have already done the most horrible thing by sacrificing our children to the altar of pleasure, there is really nothing else left.
But we cannot be complacent, live and let live, or give up hope. We must fight the forces of evil that are destroying our families and our culture and society. Last September, our family joined the Angelic Warfare Confraternity, under the patronage of our Lady and St. Thomas Aquinas. Consider joining the fight. 
Battle of Evermore Angels


Faith E. Hough said...

It's so hard for kids...when they have to grow up in an environment where the adults in authority don't practice what the preach or profess--or at least pretend to profess. That Catholic school teachers should fail to set an example is so much worse than someone in the secular world who has good intentions.

Vijaya said...

I've heard that post-Vatican II created lots of confusion amongst both the religious and lay people, and we see the fruit of it in the next generation. It is hard for kids to know the truth when they do not see it being practiced. A faithful remnant remains though, and will be the seed for spreading the truth. I'm looking at you, kid!