Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

Even as the Holy Sacrifice of Mass was being offered at Stella Maris for our intentions this morning, we walked in our Sunday best to Bishop England for the inaugural Mass of South Carolina's newest parish: St. Clare of Assisi. What joy!!! I have dreamed and prayed along with others for this very thing. One very energetic woman, Betsy, started the Good Shepherd Club to form a Catholic community on Daniel Island since we are spread across eight parishes. I don't even know how we met anymore, but it's been amazing to watch our community grow, and our prayers answered so quickly. We are so very blessed to have Fr. West. He is a native, a son of Stella Maris. Here is just one news story about our newest parish. And another.

I love that our Catholic family is growing. It amazes me that the foundation of our faith rests on an event that took place two thousand years ago, the death and resurrection of Jesus.  

I believe and this is why Jesus is Lord of my life. Happy Easter to all!

I leave you with a song we sang on Good Friday, Elizabeth Poston's Jesus Christ the Apple Tree.

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Becky Shillington said...

Happy belated Easter, Vijaya! It sounds like you had a very special day! = )