Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Gut-Punching Things Teenagers Say


My husband and I are forever indebted to our two children for leading us to God. I look at them in wonder and amazement. It's hard to believe how quickly they are growing up ... and contrary to popular notions, teenagers are incredible!

We were celebrating my daughter's 13th birthday and as we usually do, we thanked her for having a birthday so that we can splurge on eating out, and she thanked me for having her. It was almost a punch in the gut. It was a given ...

Abortion was never an option, but I wonder about their missing siblings. Given my natural cycle and fertility, without contraception, I can imagine having at least half a dozen kids. The thought frightened me at the time. I felt overwhelmed. But now we miss them, the love and life, the chaos and graces they would've brought into our family. I wonder whether my children miss them. I think deep down they must, especially my daughter, who has always wanted more little ones. And if we look beyond our own family, a contraceptive culture means we have a couple of generations of children who are missing not just their siblings, but their friends, and future spouses. It is incredibly sad.

So imagine my horror when I learned that a woman, Emily Letts, posted a video of herself having an abortion. This is terrible on so many levels. First of all, when does filming murder become art? I can only hope she is acting. However, her dead eyes reveal the truth. Watch the video without the sound. Elizabeth Scalia does a brilliant analysis. This is a  woman in grief, her body mourning her dead child, even if she refuses to see it herself, even if the abortion industry will use it to lure mothers to kill their babies. Second, what kind of people are we to award her a prize for it? Why do we call this evil a good thing? Emily calls herself "a lucky girl." She thinks the abortion was "cool." Third, she is in awe ... of making a baby, of having life ... but if she truly understands this, how could she kill her baby?

Her poor, poor baby.

Emily said she is not ready to be a mother. But she already is. Now she's the mother of a dead baby.

Can any good come out of this? God only knows. Pray for all mothers to listen to their consciences, to return to God. Our  heavenly Father always gazes upon us. We only need to repent our sinful ways, amend our lives, come running to Him, and He will take us up into His arms. He renews us.

Parce Domine!


debi o'neille said...

A very powerful post. I can't watch the video, because I know it would tear me up, but I did enjoy reading your blog. I'm happy to be your newest follower.

Gary Ludlam said...

Michael O'Brian in Father Elijah showed us where this is headed. At one point the main character passes a piece of art representing aborted fetuses. First make it legal, then normalize it, then celebrate it.
We too imagine what life would've been like with six. But I usually just feel like I don't really deserve what I have got. :-)

Jenni Enzor said...

What a heartbreaking post. I am shocked that someone would make a video of that as well. There's no way I could watch it.
I thought it was beautiful that your daughter thanks you for having her.

Mirka Breen said...

The real personal tragedy, beyond the issue of "baby's rights," is her lack of sense that something tragic did take place.

Vijaya said...

Debi, thanks for reading and the support.

Gary, it reminds me of frogs boiling in water. A frog will jump out of boiling water, but if you set them in a cold pot and bring them to a boil, they accept the heat, and eventual death.

Jenni, it is heartbreaking. My daughter's thankfulness conveys a certain loss of innocence.

Mirka, you are very perceptive. The woman is focused only herself and how she feels.

Suman Khisty said...

I watched the video. It's as if this was going to the doctor to remove a wart or something minor. How sad that. Right now she is celebrating aborting her baby but one day it will hit her hard. Nobody can escape the truth. I watched another video of her interview: It gives an insight to what she has convinced herself as the truth and her right. Very sad.

Marcia said...

I could never watch that. I only hope that someone who does will see the truth in the woman's eyes.

Vijaya said...

Suman, I think Gary above is spot on ... by making a film like this, she hopes not just to normalize abortion (it is already part of our culture) but to celebrate it.

Marcia, it is a portrait of a highly disturbed woman. What is interesting is that most abortion counselors try to dehumanize the baby, but she rightly comes to the conclusion that she can make a baby ... she cannot hide the truth.

Johnell DeWitt said...

Wow. I can't watch it. But what a statement by your daughter. It would have had less weight, more a flippant comment years ago, but now, it is a powerful thought.