Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Answering Jihad: A Better Way Forward by Nabeel Qureshi

Answering Jihad: A Better Way Forward by Nabeel Qureshi is an excellent primer for all people 14 yrs and older who desire to understand what we must do to fight jihad. Dr. Qureshi was a devout Muslim, who in his search to understand his faith better, came to Jesus. This is a man who deeply desired to know Truth and has found it, which he has documented in another book: Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus. I haven’t read too many conversion stories of Muslims so I’ll be interested in reading this. But I digress.

In AnsweringJihad, Dr. Qureshi answers the common questions he’s asked and the Q&A format works very well. He begins with the origins of jihad by going to the source – what Islam is and what the Quran and the life of Mohammad command. Many politicians are quick to say Islam is a “religion of peace” after the wake of any Muslim terrorist attacks for fear of retaliation upon the peaceful Muslim. However, any Muslim serious about his faith has three choices: to become apathetic, radicalized, or become an apostate. And more and more, many young Muslim men and women are becoming radicalized.
It is clear from the many questions answered that a secular humanist society cannot be the answer to the people who are passionate about their faith. A culture of moral decadence cannot appeal to a devout Muslim. Only another faith can truly fight Islam and that is Christianity. Not watered-down Christianity but the one that Jesus taught – to love even your enemies. Dr. Qureshi says, “This means living life with people who might be different from us. It means integrating communities and social circles. It means stepping out of our comfort zone and loving people unconditionally, perhaps even loving our enemies. And it means doing this from a place of genuine love, not ulterior motives.” The author gives examples of the recent Christian martyrs who became a witness to the faith.
This book was written quickly, in the span of three weeks, shortly after the attack in San Bernandino, which came on the heels of the one in Paris, but the book is not only highly readable, but accurate. Just a couple of weeks ago, the Brussels train station was the site of a suicide bomber. We must ask the question what to do about Muslim refugees – are they here to stay; will they impose sharia or will they assimilate? I believe the reason Europe is becoming Islamified is because Europeans have turned their backs upon their Christian roots. Simple demographics say that within a couple of generations, Muslims will be the majority. Can the same happen in the US? I believe so, if we stay on this insane path to godlessness. Dr. Qureshi proposes a way that upholds both truth and compassion, but it requires living like a true Christian, which I admit isn’t always easy.
Do give this book a read if you are unfamiliar with Islam. If you already have some background, this book will bring some clarity to the matter. If you really want to dive deeper into what we are struggling with, read Christianity, Islam and Atheism:the Struggle for the Soul of the West by William Kilpatrick. I reviewed it briefly here: http://vijayabodach.blogspot.be/2014/10/reading.html
A big thank you to BookLook for providing a review copy of Answering Jihad.