Friday, June 24, 2016

On Writing and Losing

Two years ago, I redesigned my blog and asked St. John the Baptist to pray for me and to bless the writing I do publicly and those who read it.

Since then, I've lost readers. I don't check stats often but at the beginning of this year I was not surprised to see the results. I write to share what I have, which is faith. I prayed for faith and received it. But as a mother, I have discovered that you cannot give to your children (or to anybody) what you do not possess. And once you possess the greatest Treasure, you discover you simply cannot keep it to yourself. It's not like any earthly treasure. So I keep on writing because it gives me great joy and if it helps even one person, all the effort has been worth it.

I am so very thankful for this space on the internet to share my thoughts. If I have hurt you with my writing, forgive me. I pray to God to guard my tongue and fingers, to never forget love. God bless you for reading. St. John, pray for us.

Fact: The Church typically celebrates the heavenly entrance of the saints -- their death day -- but only three people have the honor of their earthly birth celebrated. Jesus (the God-Man), Mary His Mother, and St. John the Baptist His cousin.

Today is the Feast of St. John the Baptist's Nativity! He prepared the way for our Lord.


Mirka Breen said...

I sense in your posts not only intelligence and discernment, but an authenticity not common in the blogosphere, where many mask their commercial interests with false intimacy. I don't have to see things just as you do to appreciate you. Keep trucking, Vijaya.

Johnell DeWitt said...

Yes. Mirka said it beautifully. I love your candor in a world where people are afraid to speak up. We can't have a healthy society if we silence view points that buck the trends. God bless you.

Vijaya said...

Mirka, thank you so much. I see the same in you. Kindred spirits, we are.
Johnell, thank you. It is hard to speak truth without sounding like a bulldozer at times. I'm afraid tact was not something that comes naturally to me, but I'm working on it.

AmaT said...

I appreciate your posts. While we all don't share exactly the same beliefs, most of us do believe in God and the wonderful things He does for us.
Thank you for your honesty and authenticity,

Vijaya said...

Thank you AmaT.