Friday, July 12, 2019

Ghost Cat by Kevan Atteberry

Kevan Atteberry's newest picture book, Ghost Cat, is one that'll I'll keep close to my heart. I choked up reading it because I miss my old cats so much (I have two rescues but they have mental issues so let's just say it's hard not to feel deprived at times...) and I have felt like the boy in the book so many times. Kevan captures that unmistakable feeling of the presence of a loved one, gone but not gone from your heart. I have woken up so many times with the sensation of my cat next to me but it was a dream. Sigh. Simply told and illustrated, it's a book about love and loss and loving again. I'm getting multiple copies to give to friends, young and old. See for yourself the opening pages. 

These are the ghosts in my life. What about you? 

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Blessings, Blessings, All Around

It's been a strange and difficult couple of weeks with medical problems but even so, blessings abound. Look at all these beauties! The flowers cheered me up immensely as did the books and bounty from the garden. I missed the July 4th celebrations at the park but loved the impressive lightning storm from the porch. I was able to attend the National Right to Life Convention with my sweetie, a former fetus! We learned so much and will share some of it with you.

We also enjoyed eating out and so happy that Dashi now has a brick and mortar restaurant. We went to their opening last night and what a transformation of that space--I used to drive by it (on the corner of Remount and Murray) every day when the kids were going to Divine Redeemer Catholic School. It's clean, bright and cheerful, and the expanded menu exceptional, the service courteous. I had their duck ramen and all the flavors blended so well, from the soup stock to the kimchi. I think it's the first place Max will want to go when he comes home from DC. Soon, soon. I love seeing creative people succeed doing what they love. God bless you and all the different works of your hands.


Monday, July 1, 2019

One Year Book Birthday Sale

I published BOUND one year ago! What a journey it's been--exhilarating at times, equally frustrating at other times. I've learned so many things and still have so much more to learn. Thanks to all my early readers and supporters (you know who you are) who read the book and shared it with friends and corrected my typos. Thanks to all who reviewed Bound. Thanks to the numerous interviews and discussions. I am so blessed to have this writing life. To celebrate, I'm holding a sale: 99 cents for all e-book platforms and $10.99 for the paperback from July 2nd-7th. Luckily, this anniversary coincides with the annual National Right to Life Conference and it's held in Charleston this year (July 5-6). Perhaps I'll see you there!!! Please share!!!