Saturday, September 3, 2016

Life is ... by Saint Mother Teresa

I remember my mother copying this poem of Mother Teresa's in her own notebook. I can still picture her clear and beautiful handwriting. How we longed to meet her!!! She was a living saint, like Father Damien of Molokai. She taught by example. She made me want to be a nun (well, I did go to a Convent school and I loved those sisters, so they may have something to do with this desire as well). She made me want to be good. She made me want to be holy. How wonderful of the Church to recognize her sanctity after all these years. Pray for us, Mother Teresa.

Life is beauty, admire it,
Life is bliss, taste it,
Life is a dream, realize it,
Life is a challenge, meet it,
Life is a duty, complete it,
Life is a game, play it,
Life is precious, care for it,
Life is wealth, keep it,
Life is love, enjoy it,
Life is mystery, know it,
Life is a promise, fulfill it,
Life is sorrow, overcome it,
Life is a song, sing it,
Life is a struggle, accept it,
Life is tragedy, confront it,
Life is an adventure, dare it,
Life is happiness, deserve it,
Life is life, defend it.

~ a poem by Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta
(I love this photo, swiped from Tan Books FB page. So joyful.
Just discovered the name of the photographer: Michael Collopy. Here are some of his other photos.)

A beautiful reflection on Mother Teresa and motherhood by Father George Rutler.

There are many beautiful books about and by Mother Teresa. Favorites include: Come Be My Light and No Greater Love. Here I share just a few of her thoughts about the great evil of abortion.
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And here is the full text of Pope Francis' homily at the Mass for canonization.


Johnell said...

She was an amazing woman. The poem is beautiful.

Mirka Breen said...

I went to see her when she came to Saint Mary's Cathedral in San Francisco in 1982, because (although I'm not Catholic) I had a feeling this was a chance to be in the presence of a living saint. I couldn't get inside, but saw her as she passed outside. She was bent, and very short. She walked fast, and I still felt I have been in a place of many blessings just for standing there.

Vijaya said...

Mirka, what a great blessing! I do believe she blessed each and every one who came to visit. This is one of the reasons we like to make pilgrimages. Just once in my life I want to go to Jerusalem. The very ground must be holy. Btw, I wonder if the church you visited has marked the chair she sat on, books she touched!

Johnell, hard to believe that such a tiny woman could have such an impact, no? But her words and works speak for themselves.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing her jumping rope with the little boy. What a special lady, indeed.

Vijaya said...

Sharon, doesn't that just capture her perfectly? I'm just a mite envious of that little orphan boy.

Bish Denham said...

To know that she spent 50 years in darkness, feeling hopeless and abandoned by God, unable to pray, yet still had faith, is a testament to her love. Despite it all, she still smiled.

Vijaya said...

She certainly suffered the longest "dark night of the soul" of any saint I've read about but she prayed nonetheless and went about the work she knew she was called to do and like you say, with a smile. Pray for us!