Thursday, May 19, 2022

May Flowers

May, the month of Mary, has flown with so many celebrations. My sweet baby girl turned 21, the pup 14. Her two best friends graduated and are getting married. She's been maximizing her time with them because they're settling in Montana, one of my favorite states, but much too far. It's gratifying to see the children growing up so beautifully. Deo gratias!  

The kid is making good use of her new book, Drinking with the Saints by Michael Foley, and making refreshing cocktails every afternoon. She's also happy picking up work as a bartender, trying to earn as much as she can before she goes off to Alaska to fish. I expect we'll be eating a lot of wild salmon when she returns. What an adventure it's going to be! 

We stick closer to home; went on a pilgrimage to Our Lady of Lourdes parish in Greenwood, SC to venerate the relics of St. Bernadette that are touring the US. We took the back roads and it was lovely to see the farms with their happy animals grazing or resting, the earth bringing forth nourishing food. But our thoughts were directed heavenward there and back with fervent prayers for healing (and writing). I remember how Flannery, when she went to Lourdes did not pray for her bones but the novel she was working on at the time. One thing is true, even if one does not receive physical healing, we are strengthened spiritually, given the courage and fortitude to bear all things. I believe in miracles and always pray with utter abandonment and confidence for even the impossible dreams because nothing is impossible for God!

We're beginning to enjoy the bounty from our own garden too. It's been so beautiful and fragrant to sit out on the porch to read and write. I'm not on the computer much, which explains my neglect of this blog, but I still enjoy keeping it and grateful for this avenue to share my thoughts. 

I've been praying and playing a lot more. When the world seems to be going mad with a lust for war and injecting even children with these covid shots, there is nothing I can do but pray to end the insanity, the corruption. When the draft of Dobbs was leaked from the Supreme Court, it's as if demons are out demanding that child sacrifice must continue. I pray the Justices will be protected and will reverse Roe. Our future depends on it. Abraham Lincoln said that the Civil War was punishment for the sin of slavery. I cannot even imagine what the punishment will be for the nearly 60 years of legalized abortion in our country--we've lost not just 60 million babies but their entire branches of the family tree. And I sorrow for the women and men who've had to make this decision because it seemed like the only choice. Parce Domine!