Saturday, September 24, 2016

Writing with Kittens

Many of you have seen these pictures on FB given that I cannot resist sharing kitten pictures, but I know many of you don't have FB accts (and it's probably a good thing because there's a lot of stuff that comes into the feed and I'm still learning how to manage it). But FB is entertaining as well -- I've come across piano playing, kitten antics, devoted doggies, Catholic beauty and more.

But onto the kittens. They are growing beautifully. Benny is a little guy, only 4 lbs but he can hold his own against Jules who is 6 lbs. They're still afraid of people they don't know (they always hide when we have guests) but they know that we bring them food and treats and pets. They own us. Best of all, they follow me around everywhere just like our dog. And at night, they scuffle for a spot on me. Max says they are truly my cats. And he's right. After all, he's going to be leaving home in a year. Sniff. 

This is the usual scenario if I'm working:


I have moved all my photos and other breakables off my desk because they love to play/fight, demand pets and kisses. But they do eventually fall into a purry sleep. Of course, it's usually on a piece of paper I need for reference. They also love playing with paper balls of which I've many :)


When I'm in the kitchen, they beg me for treats with the sweetest little mews. They love Michael's salmon off the grill and now even share treats with the dog. They also love licking the kids' cereal bowls in the morning and when they hear the clink of the spoon against the bowl, they're up on the table in a flash. I do have limits though and they're not allowed on the counter when I'm cooking.  


I love having kittens again. They are full of joy and mischief and play. They remind me of our old cats who've died -- I sometimes wonder whether I'll see them again in heaven, but that's a topic for another post. One of the great blessings is that the ache I've had for a long time to have more children has abated. I'll be the old lady with too many cats. God is so good ... all the time.


Anonymous said...

What lovely kittens you have! I enjoyed all these pictures, almost like popping in for a visit.

Faith E. Hough said...

So sweet! I do love kitties.
By the way, your desk area looks like such a productive space! Do you always keep it so clean, or is it for the kittens' sake? Either way, I'm impressed. :)

Vijaya said...

Marcia, I only wish I could serve you tea. Thanks for stopping by.

Faith, I cleaned my office over a course of a couple of weeks, after many chewed up papers, corners of books, and some broken frames. The kittens are cute but also like thundering elephants. My mind is a lot more organized too now. I cannot create unless there is some law and order in the house.

Mirka Breen said...

Young LIFE! These kitties remind us of joy.