Monday, March 23, 2015

Making Movies!

This is incredibly time consuming -- going through photos and videos -- but Max enjoys making these. He's talked about making a trailer for my novel when it is published and I love that my kids are interested in the work I do. The older they get, the more I can share with them. I still remember the days when they were just wee little kids and we'd write and *edit* together. Max drew cars on many of my notebooks and stories, Dagny flowers or babies. Oh, and parking lots! We used to joke about Max becoming a civil engineer because he would design elaborate parking lots on scrap paper. The kids would have hours of fun driving and parking their Hot Wheels cars. I reminisce too much. This is what he worked on all weekend:

This was the video he made the year before:

And the year before that, Max and Dagny collaborated on a book report of The City of Ember by Jeanne du Prau. Dagny did the storyboard and Max did all the shooting and editing. They had so much fun doing this project and they learned so much about the importance of storyboarding before shooting! When I did a series of writing workshops for fifth grade, I daresay this was the favorite.

Here's their movie!


As always, I learn so much from the kids. They are a wonder to me, how they dive into new projects, fearlessly. I love their confidence, their willingness to put in the hard work, their joy and their enthusiasm. Every time I get discouraged with my own lofty dreams, I remember what amazing things our children do, and I too remember the virtue of fortitude and perseverance!

Years ago, Michael made a movie of the kids doing a carwash. It is classic! I was taking a writing class at night and I'd return home at 9:30 pm to find the kids on the table, dancing, with the music turned high. It was rock and roll. If I ever find it, I'll have to post it here. This is one of the useful things about blogging. You can save stuff here that you want to remember. Left to our own devices, the archival system fails or we lose it or ... yeah, I might as well admit it, we're getting old.


Mirka Breen said...

You have a photographer AND a movie maker.... get a book on script-writing, and you've got it made :)
Go Max!

Katie L. Carroll said...

Very creative! I'm always amazed at what kids create. It's not that I don't think they can make awesome things, it's more they never fail to impress me in thinking about things in a way I could never imagine.

Faith E. Hough said...

Cool! I know who to hire when I need a book trailer some day. :)

Melissa Sarno said...

I love this. And, yes, diving into new projects without fear...I am inspired by that too.

Jenni Enzor said...

My kids also love to get involved with my stories. They're always giving me more ideas than I can use, but as they get older, their ideas are getting better--and I've used some of them.
It would be so great if your son does make your trailer!

Vijaya said...

Mirka, I agree. Coincidentally, I happened across a book on writing treatments so picked that up!

Katie, exactly!

Faith, and he'll do it with a smile too!

Melissa, YES! Why is it that as we grow older, we give in to our fears?

Jenni, how wonderful to know your children are involved with your writing too. I hope Max makes my trailer too.