Friday, April 25, 2008


The gift of time followed by a multitude of writing assignments: test passages, magazine articles, sample chapters for books. I've put aside my novel for these wonderful projects. I know many people who wouldn't touch these types of writing gigs because it would take away from their own ideas and projects, but for me, it's a win-win situation. Not only do I get to work on fascinating topics, which means I learn all kinds of new things, my writing improves under the guidance of an editor, and I get paid for all of it.

My pet projects wait patiently and when I return, some of the pesky problems are already solved (thanks to the subconscious that never stops working) and the time away means I come back with a fresh perspective.

So, do you write-for-hire? And how do you feel about it?

This weekend is our local SCBWI conference. Time for shop-talk, visiting with writing friends, and soaking up all that inspiration and wisdom. I hope to see some of you there.



bonita said...

HI Vijaya.

I've tried to learn about submitting work to test passage publishers but have had no success learning how to get started. I did have a couple of stories accepted by New Leaders for New Schools. But I don't know how to contact others who publish test passages

Would you care to explain how to get started? Thanks for any info.


Vijaya said...

Hi, Bonita. Some testing companies -- Pearson, McGraw-Hill, Educational Testing Co. A quick Google search using 'educational testing companies' gave a lot of hits. Browse through some of the obvious ones. Most have online guidelines. And you can follow them to get your name into the database. If there's a good match, they'll call you. Make sure you specify what you like to write.

I got started because on the NF listserv, someone had posted a call for authors to write test passages. So I sent them my CV and samples and got some assignments. Later I contacted another company cold and now I'm in their database. Whenever they need a science writer, they contact me. If I'm free for a little while I take on the project.

Good luck.

Bonita Pate Davis said...

Thanks for sharing.