Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Asked a Tiger to Tea

My seven-year-old daughter received this book as a birthday present. It appeals to her sense of whimsy and word-play. She enjoys writing and since her brother got to do a review, she wanted to review this book. Here it is:
I Asked a Tiger to Tea is a funny book with very funny poems. It has new pictures [by Melanie Hall] to go with old poems [by Ivy O. Eastwick]. My favorite poem is The Extraordinary Puffin because there is a puffin trying to learn all he can -- history, geography, algebra, wisdom and wit. I want to be as smart as he is.
May is my birthday month and the poem "May" feels like it was written just for me.


Ghost Girl said...

Oh, this looks wonderful, Vijaya! I must get it for my 7-year-old! Thanks for the tip!

Stella said...

That's a new title for me. I'll need to check it out. I'm always on the lookout for wonderful poetry to add to my library. Tell your daughter nice job!

Vijaya said...

Stella, I will.

The kids have loved poems from the beginning, but as they grew older, funny and whimsical poems became their favorites. I love it when they can't help but memorize them ...