Monday, December 8, 2008

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting ...

It is Advent. The season of waiting. The kiddos can hardly contain themselves with Christmas on the horizon. Both said that Christmas was their favorite holiday, followed by birthdays because of all the presents! Well, who can blame them? They are also excited about celebrating a birth that happened two thousand years ago. I think Jesus is already in their hearts, as He is in mine.
I'm learning much about patience, as though publishing, with its glacial pace hasn't taught me enough. Hah!
This is the first (and only) Christmas tree ornament that I ever purchased (the rest are gifts). I bought this when we were living in Belgium. We had gone to the Christmas fair in the little town of Monschau near the Belgian border, and I loved this simple angel, made of a rounded wooden piece, wood shavings and a feather. He reminds me of my guardian angel ...
I am waiting for the holidays to begin, for my stories to be accepted, for midnight candlelit Mass. Tell me, what are you waiting for?


Bish Denham said...

The little wooden angel reminds you of yourself why? because you're hard headed? (heehee!) He's adorable!

I'm waiting for acceptances too, I'm waiting for rain (boy do we need some rain)I'm waiting for the holidays to be over because as much as I enjoy them it has become so commercial I get tired of it all, I'm waiting for peace on earth.

Vijaya said...

Yes, I am hard-headed, Bish, but no, the angel reminds me of MY guardian angel. I have another brother who died when he was five, and I always thought of him as my personal guardian angel (still do), and this is the first angel who had the qualities of a child.

I wish I could send you our rain.
Amen to world peace.