Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Naughty Cats

No plant is safe in our home. Here is my older cat, stripping leaves off the curry plant. I discovered several chewed up ones on the counter. Apparently the taste is not to his liking. We're having lovely summer weather, so I've moved the plant outside. I love having fresh flowers from the garden in the house, but unless they are in a small container, just a wee little flower or two, the cats will find them and chew on them. I wouldn't mind it if they didn't barf it up later, along with their food. When I'm in the kitchen, I can enjoy my flowers, but if I have to leave, I make sure they are put outside on the patio or in the bathroom (with the door closed). Ah, the things one must put up with.

Here's the other naughty cat, dipping her paws in the water that is for the Drinking Bird. I believe we were doing an experiment to see whether the temperature of the water changed the rate of dipping. It did.
I love these curious cats. Their purring, kneading. Treasures. My pets.



Martha Flynn said...

I wouldn't even be able to get mad at them cuz they're so cuuuute.

Bish Denham said...

Cats! Too cute, and such a nuisance.

Angela Ackerman said...

The things cats do to amuse themselves. Mine always liked to eat the fake needles on our Christmas tree and then barf them up. I miss the cat, but not that...

Vijaya said...

There's always a lot of meowing in protest when I pick them up and off the counter.

Angela, every Christmas, the cats are practically in the tree ... playing with the ornaments. I cannot have tinsel because of them. But it's great fun for the whole family.

Thanks for visiting, ladies, and admiring my naughty cats.

Meg Wiviott said...

My cat does the same thing! I have no plants in the house (although I never had a particularly green thumb). My daughter sent me flowers for Mother's Day and the cat ate them!

It's a good thing he's cute.