Wednesday, January 20, 2010


My dear friend Bish is passing on the happy meme.

When I was in India, my mother had a book called "Happiness is a Habit." I never read it so I don't know if the link I've made is the correct one but the title always stuck with me because it resonates. Happiness is a habit. When one has a grateful heart, just being alive makes one happy.

Let me list a few things that bring happiness in my life:

1. Walking with my kids and dog to school.
2. Snuggling up with my husband to watch a good movie.
3. Reading.
4. Writing. Fast-flowing pens, sharpened pencils.
5. Cooking. And eating.
6. Cuddling with the kitties.
7. Reading and writing letters. Being connected with family and friends.
8. Sitting in church, listening to the Word.
9. Our home.
10. All of nature, but especially the sunshine.

As you can see, these are all so very simple things, but they bring me great joy every day, even on gray and cloudy days.

Be well. Be happy. And let me know what makes you happy. If you follow my blog, I'll be checking your blogs in the next few days.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vijaya, your list is so "comfy" and "homey!" :)

A few things that bring me happiness:

-Hanging out with my family and cracking jokes (we laugh all the times)
-my cat
-English classes
-having a chunk of time where I can do nothing but writing

Hope you have a great day!

Bish Denham said...

Yes, it's the homey, simple things that are best at making us happy.

Vijaya said...

Nathalie, I like your happy list too ... and laughter has got to be tops.

Bish, Amen.

WordWrangler said...

love your list!

My things:

-dates with my honey bunny
-hiking with my family
-getting hugs from my sweeties
-laying in green grass doing nothing except watch clouds take shape

Vijaya said...

Donna, I knew your list would be close to home, too :)

Oh, how could I forget dates with my honey?! We rarely go out, but it's nice to be just the two of us together. However, we almost always get a Sat. night after the kids go to bed to ourselves.