Thursday, July 15, 2010


Meet the newest members of our family. They are nearly three months old, a brother-sister pair we found at our local shelter. The other critters have not met them yet but we will introduce them slowly, one by one. They know something's up! There's been a lot of sniffing beneath the door of my daughter's bedroom, which is officially the kitten room ... and guess who's sleeping with the kittens tonight?

Happy sigh. It reminds me of the time when we brought our second cat home. The first one is fiercely attached to me, so my husband slept in the guest room with the kitten. A week later, they were both in bed with us, and the kitten's size and weight mirrored my son's growth in my womb. The kitten spent many hours on my growing belly and I could imagine how big my baby would be. Turns out the kitten grew faster ... My son was 8 lbs at birth and the kitten 10 lbs when she was 9 mo. old. Here's a picture of her checking out the new baby. Oh, how quickly they all grow up ... both the kids and the critters.

Let the chaos begin!



Jen said...

cute! I hope your daughter got some sleep last night - there is nothing like being a 'new parent'! Any names yet?

Vijaya said...

We're all tired, including the kittens :) Afternoon nap, anyone?

Marcia said...

Oh, kitties! I love them. I had to laugh at the patterns/colors. Our two cats are a white/dark gray bicolor and a mackerel tabby (tiger color).

Vijaya said...

Marcia, kittens are the sweetest. We enjoying this time to hold and play with them, though they were up mighty early (5 am). Of course, they're fast asleep now :)

Not that I intended it, but all four of our kitties have different colors/patterns. Fun.

Mary Witzl said...

How cute they are, and how envious I am!

When we get back to Scotland, we're definitely going to get a new kitten. Here in Turkey, we're enjoying all the feral cats we meet at restaurants and on the road. What I really miss is being able to write with a cat on my lap -- (though maybe not so much in this heat...)

Vijaya said...

You should get a pair, Mary ... these two are a couple of motors and my kids are loving having something so wee to hold and care for.