Monday, February 28, 2011

Carpe Diem

This month is coming to an end, and so are the mid-winter breaks for the children. Baseball season is starting up, which means lots of running about not only for the kids, but for us. But we've had snow and presents in the mail. I won Marcia Hoehne's book giveaway (Moon over Manifest by Clare Vanderpool) and wouldn't you know it, my son nabbed it right away ... I let him because I had lessons to correct, but it's all mine now!

Enjoy these snippets of winter fun from this weekend at the grandparents' home. They hardly ever get snow like this, so this was a treat for the whole family, including the dog.

Here's a video clip. I love my wee little camera that can do all this and still fit in my pocket.

I hope you are all enjoying yourselves, whatever the weather is. As for me, it's time to buckle down and work until Spring Break.



Marcia said...

Oh, what neat pictures! Well, there's one way to get the snow off the lawn--make a snowpeople family. :)

Word veri -- whammosp: the sound of being hit with a snowball. :D

Mary Witzl said...

Your kids look so cute! And good for them for doing so well with their snowmen. I'll bet someone was busy keeping the hot cocoa coming...

We had snow like that here for weeks on end, which was bizarre: it almost NEVER gets like that here. I feel like such a wimp: I quickly tired of it, especially when doing things like taking out the trash or hauling recycling stuff out to the shed.

Bish Denham said...

Well that just made me all teary, thinking of the times my dad played with me and the dog was playing with us. Lovely.

Vijaya said...

Marcia, thank you. The snow has all melted but Grandma says the people are still standing :) And what a perfect word verification for this post!

Mary, we get so little snow, that this is a treat. I used to live in Eastern Wa. and would get tired of shoveling and being cold all the time. It's not until I got a nice, warm coat from my advisor that I began to enjoy the winters. She'd see me warming up in the bacterial culture room every morning, which was a toasty 35C.

Aw, Bish. The dog is just like another kid ... she's with us most of the time and she loves to play, esp. with my daughter. They could be littermates.

Anonymous said...

That video was so clear - and sweet! I love the pics, too. "Look ma - I'm knee surfing!" :)

Glad you are all having such a great time. We are covered in sunshine here. Looking forward to Lent!

Vijaya said...

Thank you, Donna. We are also looking forward to Lent -- I'm all set with a little black book of daily reflections.