Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer, Finally

Summer's here! We had a gorgeous weekend filled with baseball, softball, hot dogs and hamburgers, lying in fields like this, soaking up the sunshine.

These are my chives in the garden. I won't post a picture of my sad tomatoes. They'll start shooting up if it stays nice and warm.

And lilacs. I picked these to keep in the kitchen and the kittens have been munching on the leaves. They are soooo naughty. They were climbing the screen trying to get to the fuzzy, buzzy bees. Wonderful sound.

For three days in a row I've been able to hang out clothes to dry. They smell absolutely heavenly. See our dog? She's enjoying cooling off in the dirt.

And I'm so close to finishing my revision, I can almost taste the pleasure of typing "The End."

What are you soaking up this June?



A.L. Sonnichsen said...

Weather has been dominating almost every conversation I've been having lately ... probably because it's so glorious that warm weather is finally here!

We still have a few more days of school. I'm counting down ... and enjoying the sight of our roses and lavender starting to bloom in our garden.


Marcia said...

I love June. Oh, a cold, rainy one is a huge disappointment, but a warm, sunny one is glorious.

I'll take the lilacs, you keep the bees, please. :D

Vijaya said...

Amy, your garden sounds fragrant. I'm still waiting for the lavender. My neighbor has luscious roses in his front yard.

Marcia, I'd give you cuttings of my lilac -- we got this one from Grandpa!

MollyMom103 said...

You've inspired me. I'm going to put up a clothes line. I bet my clothes will dry in 15 minutes.

Ms Saba (aka Teacher007.5) said...

I wish I could put up a clothes line! My neighbors have young dogs who would love to play in them if there were out on a nice sunny day! :) But the lovely thing about this month, we have had some really beautiful weekends!

Vijaya said...

Molly, I hope you do. Today, by the time we came home from a very special afternoon Mass in Tacoma, it had begun to sprinkle and I had to hurry to get the clothes down.

Saba, yes, finally I'm able to enjoy my kids' ball games without freezing. Years ago, when I lived in an apartment, I had a little clothesline in my bedroom or on the porch.