Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I've been reading a lot of great books and wanted to share a few:

Sowing Seeds: Writing for the Christian Children's Market by Kathleen M. Muldoon. This is a great gift and must for Christian writers. Kathleen writes as though she's holding your hand throughout, making the challenge less intimidating. She covers the various types of writing in an organized manner. Even if you are a veteran writer, pick up this book if you want to expand into the world of children's Christian writing. Pair it with Sally Stuart's Christian Writers' Market Guide.

The End of the Line by Angela Cerrito. Although you know what the kid did (murder) from the very beginning, the story of how all this came to be is gripping. Told in alternating present and past chapters, Angela weaves a story of downfall and redemption.

Baseball Crazy: Ten Short Stories That Cover All The Bases edited by Nancy Mercado. I thoroughly enjoyed these stories and they've been a great inspiration as I let my baseball stories percolate.

Cyberia by Chris Lynch. This is a fun middle-grade story set in the future about a boy who has to save the animals. It will make kids think about technology in a whole new way.

The Aquinas Catechism: A Simple Explanation of the Catholic Faith by the Church's Greatest Theologian by Saint Thomas Aquinas. Reading books like these deepens my faith. This is a wonderful book for any Christian trying to understand their beliefs (Creed), how they should pray (Lord's Prayer) and how they should live (Ten Commandments). Wonderful teaching tool as well.

I'd like to end with this incredible video about a priest who brings out Jesus into the public square. He tells how Jesus is in every book of the Bible. Amen!


Molly/Cece said...

I'm reading some this summer too. I am making a concentrated effort on cultivating gratefulness and thankfulness and working hard to ditch worry. Praying buckets. Peace.

Marcia said...

Couldn't agree more that Jesus is in EVERY book of the Bible.

Great reading list. I put Chris Lynch's book on my list for sure, and must read Kathleen's so as to update my advice to students.

Vijaya said...

Molly, every time I think about anything, gratefulness is my first emotion. Thank you for your prayers, friend.

Marcia, I only read the entire Bible last year so this was a lightbulb moment for me. Of course! Kathleen's book is a gem. I'm reading some Southern fiction now and enjoying it very much.

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

Great reading list, Vijaya! And I watched the video you linked to. So inspiring! It was interesting to see the response by the crowd -- some choosing to kneel, some laughing and jeering, some looking on incredulously ... a microcosm of our world!


Mary Witzl said...

The older I get, the more thankful and grateful I become, for almost everything -- I am even grateful for the gratitude itself. But I would be especially thankful to have a little more time to read! ;o)

Vijaya said...

Amy, I was also struck by the various responses but most of all by the courage it takes Jesus into the world. I want to be fearless like that priest.

Mary, my first thoughts are often of thankfulness. In this time of transition, books keep me grounded. I'm diving into some modern Southern fiction and loving it.