Monday, October 31, 2011

A Day at the Market

We went downtown Charleston for the first time this weekend. Of course, we hit the Saturday market to look at the various arts and crafts. These sweetgrass baskets have got to be my favorite. I see them all along Highway 17 but I've not stopped to examine them. When I was a child, I learned to make baskets from flax, but aside from the basic alternating pattern, I wouldn't know how to make a basket anymore. I am seriously tempted to take a class in basketweaving with sweetgrass.

Local painters. Isn't the blue crab gorgeous? I see these large crabs all over the island and they really are pretty.

This butterfly display was beyond beautiful. They said they only use butterflies that have died naturally. Most live only a few weeks. Long ago I had a poster with all the letters of the alphabet represented in the wings of these loveliest of insects.

Relaxing ... it's windy and chilly even with the sun shining.

Ravenel bridge. It is a modern gem.

Cobblestones. I learned that these came all the way from England. They used them as ballast for the ships and then would dump them in exchange for cargo.

Rutledge: One of the signers of the Declaration of Independence! I can't wait until I can go on some proper tours and soak up all this history.

We went to the evening Mass at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. So grand and beautiful. I would like to come here for a big feast day when they have a full choir. There are lots coming up. But this week we will celebrate High Mass at Stella Maris for All Souls Day.

I love the beautiful artwork. It lifts my spirits high, towards the holy. I remember being in Rome at a time when I professed to be an atheist and yet I fell to my knees when I saw the Pieta. I have been accused of being the world's worst atheist by my friend Molly, but I think great art points to Truth.

Do churches fund artists and artwork anymore? Throughout history the Catholic Church has supported artists for music and paintings and even books. I would love to see that again.



Faith E. Hough said...

So many beautiful things! I love stained glass so much--sometime I'll have to post a picture of the stained glass window hanging in my house--a yard sale find by my husband, believe it or not!
And the church is still a sometimes-patron of the arts...we just don't "need" as many churches now, so there isn't as much demand. But it is certainly a spiritual patron. If you haven't read John Paul II's Letter to Artists, you really need to! It's INCREDIBLE.

MollyMom103 said...

You make me want to come visit! I want that crab painting for my house.

Vijaya Khisty Bodach said...

Oh, I'll have to read JPII's letter, Faith. I assume it's on the Vatican site.

Molly, you should, when things are calmer at home. We can do a conference together when I can leave for a weekend.

Anonymous said...


These are beautiful pics, my friend. They are all good, but my faves are the cobblestones and the basket pics. I'd love to see the cobblestone one in black and white, too!

The bridge is great capture, too.

But of all the descriptions I love the most, my heart was touched the most by the description of you falling to your knees and being "the worst atheist". What a beautiful description of how the Lord continues to pursue us even when we think we've outrun Him! So glad to know you as a writer friend - but more so - as a sister in Christ!

Vijaya said...

Donna, most of these pictures were taken by my son, so I will pass on the compliments.

And I truly believe that Beauty physically draws us to the Lord. I've been thinking about art and music and the Church, and if anything we have a greater need now for Truth and Beauty.

I thank God every day for never giving up on me. We are sisters in Christ. There is a beautiful hymn -- One Bread, One Body, One God of all ...

Marcia said...

Yes, great art points to Truth!

I love it all, but those blue butterflies are wonderful.

I have a friend who makes baskets and would love that display.

Vijaya said...

Marcia, my MIL has this artwork that her mother made in browns and gold, with straw and moths and butterflies. The only reason that deters me from making my own is formaldehyde for the preservation process. I've had enough of the nasty stuff.