Tuesday, November 22, 2011


One thing in particular: a choir for the traditional Latin Mass (TLM) at our parish. We will have a Midnight Missa Cantata for Christmas. Can we do it in a month? Except for a couple of families, the rest of us are a ragtag bunch of untrained voices. We begin practice next Sunday. God help us!

Next Sunday is a big week for the entire Catholic Church with a new translation of the Roman Missal. It is a more accurate translation, words that preserve the original richness and meaning. I was struck by the differences when we first went to the TLM in Seattle. I will never forget that it was the Feast of Christ our King and the prayers I read were so beautiful, truly fit for the King of Kings.

Here is a link to a video that my son watched in school explaining the reason for the change.

I have a grateful heart and am thankful to God for everything -- for family, friends, work and Church. God bless you all. And have a happy Thanksgiving.


Faith E. Hough said...

I am SO excited about the new translation, I can't even put it into words. I guess that makes me a complete liturgy geek on top of being a book geek, art geek and music geek already! :)
I've never been to a TLM for Midnight Mass--that should be awesome in the truest sense of the word! I'm sure GOd will bless your voices and fill your music with His beauty.
By the way, I read this article that I thought you would appreciate:

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

Since I'm not Catholic, I didn't even know what a missal was, but I watched the video and now I am educated. :) That's wonderful that they are updating the language!

Mirka Breen said...

Not Catholic, but my kids adore their Latin classes, and I think it is beautiful to have a universal language for prayer.

Vijaya said...

Faith, it is so neat that you are also a liturgy geek. I became one when I first started attending the Latin Mass. I still read through all the translations and am in awe of all the beautiful prayers, some of them which I am trying to commit to memory.

We've started practicing at home and I'm afraid someone mentioned a chicken squak.

Thanks for posting the link. I agree that beauty and peace will draw others to Christ.

Amy, I'm so glad you clicked on that link. Lots of Catholics are having trouble with the why of the new translation, hence the need to educate.

Mirka, almost all the major religions of the world have prayers in a so-called dead language (Hebrew is the exception since people still speak it and it is evolving like spoken languages do) and you can immediately see the beauty of it -- prayers that remain constant.

Bish Denham said...

My sister always gets excited when her choir gets to sing the mass in Latin. I bet the new translation of the missal is beautiful!

Mary Witzl said...

I love songs in Latin, though I don't understand them.

Happy Thanksgiving after the event. We've had no turkey or other trimmings here, but we definitely feel grateful for all we have.

Marcia said...

So many blessings!

Your choir will be beautiful. And it will be the most beautiful of all to Him!

Vijaya said...

Bish, for us participating in the TLM, there is no change in the missal at all :) I often go to Daily Mass at the high school chapel so I'll get to experience it.

Mary, I am beginning to understand more Latin just from the Mass. And thank you for your wishes. We had a lovely time with two other families.

Marcia, you are a sweetie. All glory and honor is His. We had our first practice today and the four-part harmony didn't sound too bad, not bad at all. We need to work on our polyphony.