Monday, April 2, 2012

Gifts for Easter

I am finally getting around to posting reviews on Amazon and thought about cross-posting.

Sense of the Sacred: The Beauty of Catholicism Series by Mr Dominic M de Souza
This is the most beautiful coloring book for children to inspire them to grow in their Catholic faith. The drawings are detailed and there is enough variety for a child of 2 to a child of 99 to spend hours coloring these. They make beautiful Christmas and Easter gifts. I am a repeat buyer since I have not seen any other coloring book of religious art with such beauty.

The Creation by Janice D. Green
 I had the pleasure of seeing the actual quilt and it is amazing. What a family treasure! But you do not have to be a quilter to enjoy this book with a child or a grandchild. Janice Green has retold the Creation in her own words using the quilt blocks to illustrate. Children will not only delight in the story, but they will be eager to discuss the questions that Ms. Green poses on each page spread. Ms. Green also gives several ideas on making your own quilts or tracing pictures for the children to color. This makes a wonderful baby shower gift, especially to those mothers who love to sew. This is a book I will be purchasing again and again for young mothers.

Both these books make lovely gifts for children. I hope you will consider getting a copy to share with a beloved child. Thank you so much and I hope you will have a most blessed Holy week and a joyful Easter.

I am especially enjoying practicing songs for the Triduum. It is such a blessing to sing in a choir again. I'm also discovering the power of the Gregorian chant in alleviating pain. Wow!


Faith E. Hough said...

I buy my children books instead of candy for Easter (well, we cheat and split a bag of jelly beans amongs all of us...) so this was a timely review!

Vijaya said...

Hee hee ... we share the same heart (minus the jellybeans -- give good Belgian chocolate instead). I do hope Dominic and Janice sell lots of copies of their books because they are truly a treasure. I may even take up quilting for my grandbabies ...