Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Not So Happy Mother's Day

I am speechless ... but let me see if I can try to string together some words about what I think is appalling news.

First, that our president is in favor of gay marriage. And says so publicly. And touts the golden rule as his reason. Spare me. Spare us all. Since I am at a loss for words, please read a very thoughtful response to what's happening by Msgr. Pope.

To make matters worse, here is Melinda Gates on a new mission -- to bring contraception to the world --  in the name of social justice. Thud! And she says she's a practicing Catholic. Really? She even says she's a "pick and choose" Catholic, which actually means she's a heretic. Yes, I learned the true meaning of the word from the above mentioned blog by Msgr. Pope.

It is very sad that both these people use Christianity to promote the exact opposite of what Christ tells us. Whatever happened to "if you love Me, keep my commandment"?

It is not a happy Mother's Day at all ... when the meaning of marriage is being distorted, and the state of motherhood is being touted as one of great burden, one that should be avoided.


Consider the idea of marriage, a covenant between one man and one woman. It is present in almost all cultures for a reason. Because it is natural law, stamped onto our very hearts. I love that when a man and a woman get married in a Catholic church, it is called the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. First, marriage is a sacrament. It is sacred and set apart. And what is this matrimony business? Why, it is the state of becoming a mother. Imagine! So beautiful.

On the bright side, I just realized that tomorrow is the anniversary of the first apparition of our Blessed Mother to the children at Fatima. It will be a happy Mother's Day after all ... especially since my mind continually goes to Ave Maria.

Another beauteous thing in our lives right now -- practicing a Mozart Mass for Pentecost.

I wish all you wonderful mothers a very happy, and a very blessed Mother's Day.


Suman Khisty said...

I'm totally in agreement with you my dear sister. It saddens me when I think what our children and grandchildren will have to fight against as they follow to do God's will. May God bless them and keep them safe from all evil and under the protection of our Blessed virgin Mary. Happy Mother's Day to you :)

Faith E. Hough said...

When my husband and I were preparing for marriage, our priest shared a beautiful reflection with us: Just as matrimony is a sacrament, after that event the husband and wife become sacramentals--living signs of God's grace and vehicles of God's grace to the world...
You certainly bring grace into my life, Vijaya--thank you.

Vijaya said...

Dear Baby, yes, our children will have to fight bigger battles. We must keep praying.

Faith, that is so beautiful and true. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I have been to Fatima and while I am a Protestant, I was truly impressed and inspired. I watched a woman go around a small building on her knees, praying. Surely she was touched by God.
I worked with many gay patients as my last ten years was in a cancer clinic. I learned to love them all. Am I for gay marriage? Absolutely not. I just wish they could have legal rights without marriage. They all treated me with dignity and kindness. But marriage is between one man and one woman.
God bless you all.

Amy L. Sonnichsen said...

This is a really difficult issue and I'm also personally saddened by the direction our society and culture are going. I wrestle with this constantly, wanting to put on love, but also wanting to cling to God's Word.

I hope you did have a wonderful Mother's Day, Vijaya!

Vijaya said...

Shirley, you've been to Fatima?!!! I would love to go. I can't believe that when we lived in Europe we were atheists. Sigh. At least we made it to Rome. The beauty of the pieta made me fall to my knees.

I too have known and befriended several gay men and women in my life, and in the past I never thought it might be immoral to act upon those inclinations, just like I thought it was not immoral to have premarital sex. After all, we are in love, no? Next thing we know, we'll be marrying our pets.

But Scripture opens our eyes to Truth. Love the sinner, not the sin.

Amy, sometime in our past, our culture took the wrong turn. Now we're on the path to destruction as the family crumbles. A faithful remnant will remain, and Truth and Goodness will triumph.

And yes, I did have a very nice Mother's Day. Went to an Indian restaurant, and my kids gave me pretty pins they made themselves. Best part was going to Mass.