Friday, June 22, 2012

Making It Real Transcript

The transcript of the Making It Real Workshop is up. Jan is quite a master at stitching together all the comments into something that's actually readable. Thanks for inviting me Jan, and thanks to all who participated. I had a good time. Let's do it again!

Remember: NOUNS and VERBS
Keep writing. Keep the faith!

I am going to really push to revise two novels by the end of this year. My current one and the one that placed in the contest. Nothing like a little bit of validation to set me on fire!


Anonymous said...

GREAT interview/question and answer time! I am going to go through and read it all and take notes. I learned something from reading just the first little bit. So yay!

And wow - what a cool pic. Did you take it?

Vijaya said...

Thank you, Donna. Yes, I took both pictures. I love a rip-roaring fire! But my son is passing me up, not just in height but also the pictures. He takes the time to take multiple shots ... he's so happy I chose his rosary picture when I asked for prayers.