Monday, July 30, 2012


Image taken from this cafepress site. There are other posters as well.

I don't prowl around the internet looking for insults, but somehow I came across Shakespearean insults and I am hooked.

You can be insulted here and even generate your own insults.

I must use a couple of these in my manuscript and I think I know just the place for them.



Faith E. Hough said...

:) You know how I love Shakespeare!
As I'm working on editing my historical fiction novel (I finished the draft!!), I love immersing myself in the Bard's so-clever-and-creative ways of turning a phrase. It reminds me that I should worry less about finding the exact historically accurate phrase, and more about what the individual characters might invent themselves...
Hmmm...lots to think about.
Happy Monday!

Bish Denham said...

Thou villainous onion-eyed maggot-pie. Can you tell? I've had the insulter on my favorites for a while.

The kit is new, love it!

MollyMom103 said...

I'm going to see a Midsummer's Night Dream onFriday. Great stuff here! M.

Ruth Donnelly said...

What fun! Thanks for the link, I'm definitely going to check this out!

Anna M. Lewis said...

Hi Vijaya!
I just tried to send you an email to update you about the messages that we had been sending on VK. (Guess I don't have enough posts for messages... though we were messaging before.)
Anyway, the email bounced. Do you have a new email? My email is anna at annamlewis dot com if you want to send me yours.
All best, Anna

Vijaya said...

Faith, I knew you'd love this, you who speak elvish! Oooh, I adore invented words, and moreso if they become part of our lexicon.

Bish, maggot-pie is the first one I wanted to use! Gee, do great minds think alike or what?

Molly, I need to see some live Shakespeare. I did not care for him in high school, but I should give it a good try now that I'm all grown up, and a writer! I think I've been missing out.

Anna, I sent you a message. Hope all is well. I'm usually not in high demand or anything ...

Ruth, I hope he will inspire you.

Anna M. Lewis said...

(I didn't get an email. Did you put the "m" in the middle?)

Ruth Schiffmann said...

What fun! Is it wrong that I want to find opportunities to use some of these?! ;)

Vijaya said...

Anna, I'm so glad we got connected.

Ruth, why you should be ashamed of yourself, you ... you ... you wayward idle-headed harpy :)