Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cypress Gardens and the Swamp

I have visited several butterfly gardens, and I especially enjoyed this one at Cypress Gardens because they had all the stages on the plants -- eggs, caterpillars, chrysalids, and butterflies. So pretty. They also had these fluffy quail. I dearly wanted to cradle them in my hands.

There was also an indoor swamparium with alligators, snakes, frogs, and various other critters, including this enormous catfish.

We got into a small flat-bottom boat and paddled around in the swamp. It was so much fun, we've got to do this again. It'd be scary at Halloween.

My husband did most of the steering, so we wouldn't crash into the trees, but of course, he was looking up at the sky ...

We do love our flying creatures, both natural and man-made. Here's a dragonfly resting on my salty leg.

We took a walk later and I could've sat on that bench for a long time ... alas a storm was brewing ... so we wanted to get home before then ... but simply had to stop to stick our heads in the alligator's mouth!

We waited out the storm in the car ... but look! A double rainbow. So beautiful. I have my son to thank for taking all these pictures. He's got a great eye and I love being able to share them with all of you.

Have a great weekend!


Janet Johnson said...

What fun pictures! I really love the crocodile one. :) Awesome.

Ruth Schiffmann said...

You always take such great pictures! Love the one of your daughter in the alligator's mouth!!

I've never heard of a swamparium before.

cleemckenzie said...

These are great! Can I use your alligator picture on my fb page? It's adorable. Let me know.


Vijaya said...

Thanks Janet, Ruth and Clee. My son took all the pictures :)

Clee, as long as you attribute and link it back, you're welcome to use the picture. I do not use my children's names online, so you may refer to them as the Bodach children.