Tuesday, November 27, 2012

He is Found!

The little guy is back! Praise the Lord!!!!! This morning, we found some food near his cage (we had moved it to the floor and left it open for the past three days) and when we checked his food bowl, all the tasty bits were gone. Just the pellets remained. My daughter reached her hand into the cage and there was quite a bit of scrabbling. Our idea worked! He loves his cage -- it is his safe haven. He's been drinking fresh water and food all morning, and exercising on his wheel. Oh, it's good to have him back. Here he is, taking a teensy break from running to pose for me.

My first reaction was to think of the fifth joyful mystery: the child Jesus is found in the temple! My daughter said, "Oh, praying the rosary really does help!" Indeed. Thank God. I can't stop smiling. I have a little Christmas story to write up!!!

Have a great week. And take joy!!!


Ruth Schiffmann said...

Yay! So happy he is back in his home safe and sound. =)

Mirka Breen said...

So happy to wake up to this! Your joy is palpable (I knew you were a great writer...) and magnified by those of us who are following.
Oh, Happy Day.

Marcia said...

A guy gets thirsty and hungry on a "road trip." Glad he's back home.

Faith E. Hough said...

Oh, good! Yes, just imagine how Mary and Joseph felt!
Growing up, my family didn't have very many indoor pets, but once we lost a hermit crab... (I know, how do you lose a hermit crab, right? Well, there were toddlers involved.) We found him over a week later under the couch--still alive!

Christina Farley said...

He is just so perfect! How adorable.

Vijaya said...

Ruth, he is happy tearing up new pieces of paper ;)

Mirka, you won't believe how great it is to hear his wheel going in the middle of the night. And thank you for the best compliment ever.

Marcia, I'm laughing. Yes, he ate like a pig!

Faith, what a fun story about the hermit crab. It's a great story to write with your girls. We should all have a collection of Lost-and-Found vignettes.

Christina, he is a cutie! Very content to be in his house.