Sunday, March 10, 2013

Laetare Sunday

Halfway, kitty!
That's why we are celebrating Laetare Sunday with High Mass today. We're singing the short Mass composed in honor of the Feast of John the Baptist by Rene Quignard. It's a lovely little piece for two voices ... my favorite movement being the Agnus Dei. I thought I could find a recording on Youtube, but no such luck.

I'm one of those crazy people who really do love Lent ... it's a great time of spiritual growth and although it's a long and slow haul toward virtue, with many setbacks and failures, I am aware of the graces and blessings bestowed. 

I am enjoying my time away from keeping track of what everybody else is up to. Of course, I'm reading with great interest the happenings in Rome, and feeling ever so thankful that the process of choosing a new pope is nothing like politics. I've been in the Sistine Chapel -- what a perfect place for the cardinals to prayerfully cast their ballots. I learned that they take their oaths near the painting of the last judgment by Michelangelo. Sobering. Please join me in praying for Holy Mother Church.

We've been busy with birthday celebrations, school, sports, choir practice, extra devotions, computer malfunctions, and I nearly lost all the work I'd done on my Write2Ignite workshops, coming up next weekend. My husband came to the rescue... before I had a meltdown. So this is a gentle reminder to back up your work, folks.

I hope you are all having a good Lent. Do not be discouraged if you fail at keeping resolutions. Remember that you can choose to make a change at any hour. And ask God for help! We do nothing by our own power. Grace is everything. 


Faith E. Hough said...

Hehe. :) I've felt a bit like that kitty...most recently around 7:30 yesterday morning (who said daylight savings time was a good idea, anyway?) when I had three little girls climbing on my head. :)
I wish I could have heard the Mass. I'm not familiar with that one!

Vijaya said...

I can't stand these time changes -- I just feel there is fundamentally wrong tinkering with something so basic as time. But I'm laughing at you with your three little girls. My little ones would drive cars and trucks over me (the mountain).

I will send you a copy of the music -- I think you and Mark would sound divine singing it.