Monday, July 14, 2014

Gone Fishing

We went camping and fishing at Lake Wateree. Alas, we didn't get even a single bite, but I had plenty of time to just read and scribble in my notebook. It was a very relaxing trip, not too far from our home ... and for the first time in 15 years my husband and I snuggled together in our tent without the kids. Our daughter was in a hammock and our son was in Wisconsin. It brought back memories of going camping with them as toddlers, how we had to watch them constantly and how sleep was nearly nonexistent. I convinced everybody to do backyard camping because it was so much easier. But a little change of scenery is refreshing for the body and soul.



This little guy left foot prints on our cooler.



Michael and Dagny went fishing again while I played in the fire ... They didn't catch any fish but the corn was sweet. And we had some brats to go with them :)


Fun to swim in the lake. It's been so long I didn't remember that the bottom is muddy. I have a preference for sandy beaches. Good thing we live so close to the ocean. These turkey vultures were busy with a catfish ...


Peaceful ... actually fishing was just an excuse to read, write and pray. 


Mirka Breen said...

Joining you in spirit... I'll be going fishing soon, too.

Leandra Wallace said...

It looks like such a great place to camp. And, wow, that last pic is amazing! The water and the way the pebbles are so defined. Good job whoever took it!

Vijaya said...

Enjoy your "fishing", Mirka. Hope you catch some good notes.

My daughter took that photo, Leandra. We'll definitely make another trip there.