Monday, January 25, 2016

My Mom's Feast Day

I do believe my mother is in heaven right now, interceding on our behalf and offering thanks and praise to God Almighty with all the saints and angels. It's hard to believe I am the same age as my mother when she died. Fifty-one feels too young. When I turned 41 I thought I would never want to die at 51 but what a difference faith makes. Death has lost its sting. When Michael and the kids were baptized, I gave them back to Jesus and their souls are indelibly marked as His possession. This Easter we will celebrate our 7th anniversary of being received into Holy Mother Church. God is so good to us even when we're not.

My mom did well. She instilled her strong faith in us and even though I strayed -- for 30 years -- I returned home stronger than ever. Nothing can separate me from the love of Christ, but my own free will. But I choose Jesus.
Pray for us, Ai, that we may fight the good fight and persevere to the end. And just in case you are still being purified, I pray for you too.
Note: Today is also the feast of the Conversion of St. Paul on the road to Damascus. It really brings to mind the mystical Body of Christ.


Katie L. Carroll said...

Fifty-one is too young, but it's clear your mother is living on in you.

Mirka Breen said...

I'd add to Katie's comment^ that she lives in you AND your children.

Faith E. Hough said...

That joy in her face is beautiful--especially knowing a little about how hard her life was!

Linda said...

Hi Vijaya,

I followed you over from Caroline Starr Rose's blog. Thanks for commenting on my cover reveal, and thanks for sharing this lovely post about your mom. I know your mom is in heaven, as is mine. I dreamed of my mom in her lovely new home on the night before her funeral, and it was one of the most beautiful dreams I had ever had.

Much love,

Willow Street Workshop said...

Such a lovely post about your Mom, Vijaya. I see that the joy in her smile she gave to you.

Vijaya said...

Katie, I am more like my mother now than I ever thought possible.

Mirka, it still stings that my kids never got to meet her. In heaven!

Faith, one thing I loved about my mom was her ability to take joy in all the simple things. At the time of this photo, she had suffered the loss of her father, was the mother of two little boys, a year apart; my sister and I hadn't yet arrived. I have a feeling she's just washed the dishes.

Linda, so nice of you to come visit here and thank you for telling me about your dream and for your assurance! Thank you. I'm looking forward to reading your new book.

Willow, thank you. I keep a little paper print-out of this photo on my bulletin board and she reminds me to be thankful for every thing.

Molly/Cece said...

Love this, Vijaya. Your mom's beautiful spirit just shines out, just like yours. Perhaps our moms are chatting right now. I think they would have been friends like us.

Ruby Sexton said...

Your inspirational writings always seem to come when I need more faith. Thank-you!

ClaudineGueh@CarryUsOffBooks said...

Your mother's smile was beautiful, Vijaya. Fifty-one does sound too young to go but her faith clearly continues through you.

Vijaya said...

Molly, I'd like to think that too -- sharing stories.

Ruby, I'm humbled.

Claudine, one of the many things I'm grateful for was my mother's extraordinary faith.

Donna Earnhardt said...

Beautiful tribute to your mama. I'm so glad we are friends! Love you!