Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Living a Mighty Faith

I loved Faith Like Potatoes so when I saw a chance to read Angus Buchan's daily meditations, I didn't hesitate to pick Living a Mighty Faith. I've not read all the meditations but many and they are simple and practical, dealing with the every-day challenges of being patient with a child, lending a hand to a neighbor, savoring the moment, turning to God, trusting Him. But what they lack is depth, that Aha! moment when something difficult is clarified or you transcend the ordinary. Still, as a daily meditation guide, it is useful because of the way it's organized, with a verse from Scripture, a meditation and then a short prayer. I especially enjoyed the passages where he shares some of his life as a farmer, father and husband. It is beautifully bound with a ribbon to keep your place. It makes a lovely gift as well. Thanks to BookLook for providing me with a  review copy.


Leandra Wallace said...

Ooh, nice cover. I am partial to lions, since my name has to do w/them, and my son's in a way. A griffin being part lion and all. =)

Johnell DeWitt said...

What a great idea for a religious themed book. Nice daily sermons on a page. Thanks for sharing.

Vijaya said...

I too love lions and thought my first cat had the most regal appearance.

Johnell, yes! I have a variety of daily meditations I've collected over the years and Mighty Faith is a very enjoyable read but my favorite is from the French Abbot Dom Geuranger (sp) -- they are in depth. Of course, for busy summer days, Mighty Faith is just right. Short, sweet, and helps keep my focus on the family duties.