Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Meets, Movies, and Music

How convenient! The three or four things I wanted to write about all start with an M. I have a fondness for alliteration. I'm finally caught up for a little while ... until the next deadline and it feels wonderful.

It's been busy with track season in full swing. Here's my girl! I'm so proud of her. I can no longer run so I take pleasure in the kids who do. This is what we do Wed. evenings. We miss Stations, soup, and choir practice, but we are able to pray and practice at home. We'll be singing Byrd's Mass for 3 voices again for Laetare Sunday.


Max is finished with robotics and they did so well in their competition, placing 20th out of 70+ teams. Each year they have improved. Right after, he participated in the intergenerational forum/debate. I was so impressed with the young men and women who competed and was very pleased with Max's points even though he did not win first place. Later he had a chance to speak with Senator Grooms and he complimented Max highly.


This Sat. we all slept in with robotics behind us. Rugby is still in session but we had a bye week. So Michael announced he'd like to take me out on a date! We went to see La La Land. The kids had already seen it and assured me I would love it and I wouldn't get a migraine. I've been doing so much better in Feb. so was game. It's been a couple of years that I've stepped into a theatre. La La Land is a modern love story but with the timeless theme of chasing our dreams and what it costs. It could be our story. It's a musical and reminded me of older movies of the 1940s. I may get sheet music for this. The theme song was beautiful but the song I choked up on was when Mia goes for an audition and has to make up a story. She talks about her aunt who inspired her. At first, her voice falters but then it turns into a song, strong and confident: "here's to the dreamers, here's to the heartache, here's to the mess we make." Indeed.

Coincidentally I read a few thoughts by Christopher West in the Catholic Miscellany. He said, "We’re often afraid to feel that deep “ache” of our hearts because we intuit that to feel it is to lose control of our nice, orderly lives. Yes, that is correct. In Christian terms, it’s called surrender or abandonment to God. Those who have the courage to feel the abyss of longing in their souls and in their bodies and open it up in complete abandonment to the One who put it there will, indeed, have “messy” lives … but messy in a beautifully hopeful way." 

I have always believed that our deepest regrets come from not pursuing the dreams God has placed upon our hearts. Falling in love complicates things. I've always believed that people are more important than things but to follow a person, you should have lifelong commitment, like marriage. For when it comes to dreams, it is far better to chase them together than apart. I think this is why my writing dreams are so sweet, because I am doing them with my family. As the children predicted, I did not get a migraine. Thanks be to God! Later we went out for Vietnamese Pho. Heaven!!! I've missed this so much. 

This is how I usually watch a movie: at home with a kitten purring on my lap :) I have to  entice them with their favorite toy because that's what they love best. We've watched many good movies but the big screen is a thrill, especially when there's beautiful choreography.

I've also been reading a lot of good books but I think this is enough for one post. But I must mention TEN EASTER EGGS. It's Lent, but if you wait until Easter, the books will be gone, even though the Easter season lasts 50 days. So if you have little ones in your lives, might I suggest it for their Easter basket? Happy Pi day :)


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures, V -- and I'm so glad you could enjoy your evening without any pain. :)

Mirka Breen said...

Look at her go! she's beautiful in motion.
But I can relate more to your TV watching position, replete with a feline. That's me.

Vijaya said...

Thanks Robin. I finally had that 2-wk stretch without Harry. And I love going to the movies with Michael.

Mirka, yes! I was so thankful for the coach for taking these pictures. I do so love bodies in motion. I feel the same way about cats -- they are so graceful even as they arc and twist in the air. I was thinking about them when I watched the pole vaulters.

And it's taken the kittens a long time to grace our laps. (loved your post today)

Anonymous said...

Happy spring (almost), Vijaya. Your kids are doing great. :) By the way, Ten Easter Eggs is all cataloged and ready for check out at my library. It's an adorable book. From only seeing pictures previously, I never realized how the eggs pop right out as three-dimensional forms, great fun!

ClaudineGueh@CarryUsOffBooks said...

Sounds like you had a splendid week, Vijaya. I'm glad you're doing better in health and relaxation. Your kids are doing wonderfully!

Barbara Etlin said...

I hope you're feeling better now. Happy almost-Easter! I know a Catholic almost-two-year old girl who might like your book.

I'm so impressed by your kids' accomplishments!

Your reaction to La La Land is practically identical to mine. :-)


Vijaya said...

Thank you Marcia. It's funny, I couldn't quite imagine it with the description of the die cuts but when I saw the sales copy, I knew the kids would have a blast.

Claudine, yes, the improved health means I can attend the kids' activities and enjoy the joyful noise.

Barb, that's so funny! I think you have to be a little bit of a dreamer to get this movie (I still can't post on your blog so thank you for linking -- sometimes I miss the announcement on the blueboards). Oooh, nice that you can share TEE with a child.

Jenni Enzor said...

The dreaming song was my favorite in La La Land. It beautifully captured the crazy madness of being a dreamer. I love your quote too about the ache leading us to God. It was interesting to read your take on the movie. My hubby got me the soundtrack--so I'm listening that right now. :)

Vijaya said...

Jenni, thanks for stopping by. Isn't it wonderful to watch a great movie like this! I choked up listening to that song.