Thursday, July 27, 2017

Belmont Abbey and Summer Fun

While I was in Chicago at the Catholic Writing Conference, Dagny was at Belmont Abbey for their summer schola program. She had a wonderful time reading great books, discussing them, and enjoying the sights in Charlotte, NC. We had the opportunity to all go together to drop her off. Enroute, we stopped at St. Ann's for high Mass. That's what I call a perfect date!!!



We're having a lovely summer, full of wonderful opportunities for work and play. Dagny designed the tee-shirt for the youth group mission week. Max took time off work to participate and I'm so glad he had the opportunity to serve in a sustained manner. They had a day off for July 4th and you can see what fun they had playing in the lake!



Here she is riding off to work at Publix. We just love seeing our kids in the wild.




Faith E. Hough said...

Great pictures! :)
My sister went to Belmont Abbey--the administration there is really working hard to bring in great students who will improve the school with their leadership and faith, so it seems a nice fit for Dagny. Do you think she'd consider it for college?

Vijaya said...

The new president is really turning things around; Belmont is also now a minor seminary and they offer a wonderful honors program. I think the choice is going to be between Ave Maria and Belmont and it will depend on the financial aid. AMU has been very generous with Max so we are hoping the same or more for Dagny.

Mirka Breen said...

What a beautiful place.