Thursday, September 28, 2017

17 Days

I still keep track of every aspirin I take, how many headaches, severity, etc. so imagine my delight when I'd gone 17 days without a migraine!!! Although I am not morose by nature (most people can't tell if I'm dying inside) there must be something--a certain spring in my step, lack of a frown, a bigger smile--but whatever it is there's a difference in my demeanor that people are picking up on. I am happier. It is wonderful not to be in constant or even intermittent pain. 

I am so thankful to God for bringing the idea of chiropractic on my radar. One of Michael's cousin, Bill, is a chiropractor in Columbia and earlier this year Michael and the kids made a visit. I was too sick to go. He told Michael about the success he's had with his patients. At the same time, a couple of my writing friends told me about the wonderful results they'd had with back problems. I also remembered a friend, who for years, has been getting her spine adjusted every month for scoliosis so that she can have an active lifestyle. So I prayed about this and asked the good Lord to lead me to the right doctor. It took a few months for me to even research what chiropractic was all about, the philosophy, and what I saw I liked. It also made sense given that our spine is connected to every part of the body. There are two chiropractic clinics on Daniel Island and although I was very much tempted to make an appointment with the lady doctor, something told me to hold off. I am in the habit of following my gut, which I now believe is either my guardian angel or the Holy Spirit.

One day, this summer, while I was running errands, I noticed the sign for one of the clinics--Health Source--and I walked in. I never do this, by the way. Dr. Brantley Meier was there and agreed to talk with me. He was kind, courteous, and answered the many questions I had. I made an appt. for the following evening. At that first proper visit, I burst into tears because he wouldn't make an adjustment without going over my X-rays. I was in terrible pain and I wanted relief. I didn't care if he snapped my neck off. It was a rocky beginning with ten thousand doubts rising to the surface. If this is something that works, why doesn't it show up in the research papers? Why does everything have to be anecdotal? And, unlike Bill, he was fresh out of school. And so I began to pray for him. I made a couple of appointments for the following week and the week after that I was in Chicago--pain free. A whole week! Unbelievable. A miracle! I'd written about how my friend Marcia laid hands on me and prayed over me too. She probably prays for Brantley too :) Brantley's team has taken such good care of me. I was going in for twice-weekly visits and now see him on an as-needed basis. I've learned to relax my neck into his very capable hands. His massage therapist, Melissa, has wonderful healing hands too. And Sarah, his receptionist, keeps everybody organized. I still take my preventative meds--low dose beta blocker and low dose anti-depressant. As my regular doctor says, this three-pronged approach might be the best way to tackle these intractable migraines I've suffered from for years. From time to time, I wonder when this treatment will stop working, but I leave that up to God. His ways are inscrutable. In the meantime I am enjoying the new lease on life. And I am praying, especially for those who suffer and their caregivers. Thy will be done O Lord.  

The Daniel Island newspaper had a little update on Dr. Brantley. He's taking over his mentor's practice and going independent. We wish him well. And I, for one, am grateful that he didn't play for the Dodgers, and instead is practicing the art of healing people here on DI. We are blessed. And may God bless the work of his hands.  


Isn't that logo perfect? Dr. B. designed it himself. And here I am writing with my purry kitties.


Mirka Breen said...

Reading this made me very happy.

Molly/Cece said...

Hi Vijaya,

Sometimes miracles come in stages, like when Jesus put spit on the blind man's eyes, and put his hands on the man's eyes. Things improved but then he put his hands on the eyes of the man and his eyes were fully restored. That's the journey sometimes. I have prayed and prayed that your headaches will be healed. M.

Vijaya said...

Mirka, I have the biggest smile on my face! I can't stop.

Molly, I remember that story so well and have often wondered/argued with Jesus why I never receive complete healing. It's probably to keep me humble (even St. Paul had a thorn). I am so thankful for your prayers. It's definitely the most important facet of healing. Love you.

Katie L. Carroll said...

So glad to hear you're feeling better, Vijaya! It's such a strain on life to have chronic pain. I hope you continue to stay on the road to recovery.

Vijaya said...

Thank you Katie.