Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Max the Writer

Max BodachI completely missed the article Max wrote for the Daniel Island newspaper because we were down in FL for the Gregorian Chant workshop. Here's A Capitol Experience.

Max is also working as an investigative reporter for The Gyrene Gazette. Looking forward to reading them. It's this article on his work with the SGA that led to his appointment: https://sga.avemaria.edu/news/2018/gazette-sga-changes He's going to AZ to learn more. 

He sent me a link about the physician who's trying to bring healthcare to rural areas in FL: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/05/us/rural-florida-hospital.html It shocks me when big companies try to stop these ventures. Shame on them. When I think of what Indian doctors accomplish on a shoestring in India, and how affordable healthcare can be, it makes me mad how inflated our own system is.

Anyway, I hope to archive some of Max's writing on my blog. So proud of him. I still remember him banging out his Magic Basketball Shoes story when he was in 4th grade. He was so utterly engrossed, the short story became a novella. I should try to find it and digitize it. Over the past decade, it's the stuff on my blog that hasn't been lost.

The weekend I was in Charlotte, NC he was in DC at the American Enterprise Institute. He's their Executive Council Chairman down in Ave Maria. I think it means he organizes events for them. Boy these kids clean up nicely! 


Mirka Breen said...

Max is no kiddo anymore!
I found it interesting that he was present when the senator he interned for lost his job. that deserves an article all its own. In a way, the fact that these political jobs are 'losable" is a good thing. But still bruising to witness it.

Joyce Moyer Hostetter said...

A Capitol Experience was a fun and educational read. You have every reason to be proud, Vijaya!

Vijaya said...

Mirka, Max learned so much the six weeks he was there and yes, losing was tough. I couldn't believe the types of phone calls they had to listen to.

Joyce, thank you.