Monday, May 20, 2019

Growing, Growing, Gone

Here's Max having a last cuddle with Jules. Time seems to both dilate and constrict in relation to the kids. They are growing up so fast, we only have adults in the household now. And Max is already gone to DC for his internship at the Dept. of Education. I'll be very interested in what he learns there because I've spent quite a bit of time overseeing and supplementing our kids' education and coming to the conclusion that home-schooling might be superior than even Catholic schools. 

And here's my darling girl--18 now--I'd forgotten she always had a thing for coloring until this birthday card arrived from my dear friend Colleen (why yes, the Colleen in Bound is modeled after her and another friend!) I was so happy Max was here to celebrate her birthday and Mother's Day, too. We had trick candles for her birthday but she did manage to blow them all out after much smoke and sparkles and laughter! 

And here are the girls, all dressed up for prom. So lovely!


Johnell said...

How fun to see these memories. I'm glad my kids are still home yet. I'm nervous for the day when they are not. Blessings.

Vijaya said...

Thank you Johnell. I remember when Max turned 9, I felt there's no way we'll be ready in another 9 years to let go. This is why God gives us the teenage years! We get used to the separation and independence. But it's still bittersweet.

Mirka Breen said...

"This is why God gives us the teenage years!" Indeed. Unfortunately/fortunately, they get over that hump and we get to miss them again. That's about where I am.
I heard often that a sign of growing older is time moving ever faster. True.

Vijaya said...

Haha! We must be getting older, Mirka. I hope your kids will want to settle down near you...because I can't imagine anything better than being a grandmother! I was very grateful that when we finally settled in WA, it was within driving distance of Michael's family. Even though we're in the opposite corner of the country, the kids have deep bonds of love towards their grandparents.

Barbara Etlin said...

Wow, how can they be all grown up so soon?! (I'm hearing "Sunrise, Sunset" in my head now...)

Those photos are keepers.

Vijaya said...

Thank you Barb. Yes, I too feel like Tevye and sing Sunrise, Sunset.