Thursday, June 9, 2022

June Joys and May Memories

I can't believe it's already June...I feel as if I'm in a whirlwind with so many things happening in the world, from the war in Ukraine to the draft leaked from the Supreme Court regarding Roe v Wade to the spate of shootings. It's as if the demons are unleashed. My response to all of this is to retreat into prayer: Thy Kingdom come, O Lord, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Only God can save us; alas, we've forgotten Him, His commandments. Instead, we worship power, prestige, pleasures. Yet, God showers so many graces upon us, continually calling us to turn toward Him. Here's Max in the Holy Land at the place where our Lord preached the Sermon on the Mount. So beautiful. We are praying for Max to enter deeper into the mysteries of our faith, and for peace in the Middle East. He sent us a picture of this Jerusalem cat too :)

June is the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and we've been celebrating lots, beginning with Ascension Thursday and Pentecost, with several more feasts on the way. I love living a liturgical life, the days marked by fasts and feasts. We're in the Octave of Pentecost. I love these feast days so much because the reality of the Holy Spirit within us is so present. He's imbued in all creation but He comes to us in a special way, to consecrate us in the Truth, and the more attention we pay to Him, the more He makes Himself and His Holy Will known to us. The Christian story astounds me--God comes down from Heaven as a poor and defenseless Baby to save us from our sins. And as if it's not enough that He suffers and dies for us, He stays with us in a real, physical manner in the consecrated Bread and Wine, and gives us the Holy Spirit as our Advocate. He does this all for me and for you! Is it any wonder that we fall down in Adoration? 

But before I get to June, I must post some pictures from May. With Dagny at home, Michael and I decided to take the train up to DC to spend a weekend with Max. It was lovely to have some one-on-one time with him, doing some sight-seeing, visiting his favorite places, and friends too. What a treat it was to have really good Chinese food! Sunday we went to Mass at St. Rita in Alexandria (it was the closest parish to where we were staying that offered the traditional Latin Mass) and it happened to be her feast day (May 22nd) so there was a High Mass. The church was packed with young families and many babies made a joyful sound with the choir. They sang Gregorian chant propers and a mix of Missa de Angelis and Byrd Mass for Three Voices. It was lovely. Later, we visited the Second Story warehouse! Max and I both bought only the books we could carry :) Best of all, when we arrived at his home, we got to see his article on Stella Maris in print in the Easter issue of the Lamp

Soon after we returned home, Dagny took a week-long trip to Texas for her best friends' wedding. I really love how these kids prepare themselves for marriage--what a gift to bestow upon your beloved. I highly recommend Three to Get Married by Ap. Fulton Sheen.  

I'm spending as much time as I can with my kiddos--they grow up too quickly. Reading lots too. Reviews forthcoming.  


Mirka Breen said...

What beautiful memories, Vijaya.
My imagination fails to envision G-d's will on earth as it is in heaven, but I love the sentiment this line in the Lord's Prayer evokes.

Vijaya said...

Oh Mirka, I daydream the era of peace so often, I can get lost in it. The thing is, our Lord does not lie, so I believe it will happen. It might not happen in our lifetime but I can hope for our children's sake they get to experience it.