Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Lowcountry Summer

I love summer and all the gifts of nature--from land and sea and sky. The back porch affords a lot of entertainment. Across the marsh, there's a hollow and we've been watching a mama raccoon and her two babies. It's very hard to see the babies--they peek out and she pushes them back in. Dagny showed me a trick to get pictures through the binoculars. Fun to have her visit. I love having adult children and dream of our future.

I love that Dagny can appreciate her father's beer and he can appreciate the spirits she makes. She routinely asks about gardening. Love that we get to eat so much fresh produce. I'm constantly snacking on the cherry tomatoes. And if Michael picks just one ladyfinger, I can't help but eat it right away. They are delicious raw, cooked, pickled. Soon we'll have many ready for picking all at once. The eggplant is from my sister's seeds I brought home from Texas last summer. So fun. 

While Michael works hard, the cats and I enjoy a leisurely life reading, writing, housekeeping, and praying. I still have to pinch myself every time I walk over to St. Clare for Mass or Adoration--how beautiful it is to have this life here right now. My heart knew I was home when we moved here twelve years ago. Here is what the children remember best; here is where their home is. Dagny is rooted here, and I know Max will eventually work his way down here too. 

I don't usually have my phone with me on my daily walks to the church or library, so am writing this to remember: eating fresh figs, a baby alligator in the pond looking very cute with his smiley mouth and stripes, a mother deer bounding away, her two fawns right behind her, and getting caught in a pop-up storm. How refreshing! I'm actually writing this in my wet clothes because it's so cooling. Reminds me of the monsoons in India. I've been asked several times by my neighbors why I walk in this heat; it's hard for them to understand how much I enjoy it and with a bottle of water, I remain hydrated. Of course, I sweat rivers but if I only stays indoors, I'd miss so much beauty.

With regular choir practice on hold during the summer, we've been going to the beach in the evenings. We miss our practices so have choir come over for an evening for supper and to sing our favorites--non nobis Domine (an oldie) and O Holy Jesus (A Prayer of St. Richard of Chichester). How's your summer going? What treasures will you share?


Mirka Breen said...

So lovely, all of it.

P.S. I have long wondered why humans haven't domesticated raccoons. They are beyond appealing, but until now not at all fit as pets.

Vijaya said...

Thank you, Mirka. Michael's family tried to tame a baby raccoon but they had to wear thick gloves while handling him. It didn't go well. They are so clever and fun to watch. I'm so grateful for our fine feline friends.

Barbara Etlin said...

What is a ladyfinger? (To me it's a delicious vanilla cookie!)

Mirka, my city is known as the Racoon Capital of the World. Sometimes it's almost fun (like when we laid flowers in tribute to a deceased raccoon on the sidewalk because the city didn't remove him quickly, and the raccoon became the topic of poetry, wall murals, and front-page news). Sometimes it's a nuisance and we call them "trash pandas" because they are so clever at opening "racoon-proof" garbage cans.

Gorgeous photos!

Carol Soisson said...

We are blessed with zucchini and peaches in the garden right now.

Love the beach photos. I think sunset at the beach is a beautiful proof of God's love for us.

Vijaya said...

Thanks Barb. A ladyfinger is commonly called okra. I can imagine your confusion if you think it's a cookie! And I just love that a community came together to honor a dead raccoon!

Carol, how fun to have lots of zucchini and peaches. But those zucchinis can grow a foot in a night? Do you share them with your neighbors? But peaches, you can never have enough! Last year Michael made a peach liquer and after it aged, it was really smooth.

And I totally agree--the beautiful colors are such a gift. Sometimes I think He made all this just for me!

Carol Soisson said...

Yes, zucchini can grow rapidly overnight and are good at hiding under the plant's leaves. We've had a few get away from us and wind up quite large. And we do share with the neighbors and co-workers.