Thursday, May 29, 2008


That's my son batting at the beginning of the baseball season. He has improved so much over these past two months ... he no longer waits for the perfect pitch, but takes a risk and swings. And good things happen -- he hits the ball, he gets to run. I need to take those same risks with my writing. Too many times, fear stops me. I didn't realize I was afraid of so many things -- failure, disapproval, even success. This year (I know that it's almost half over) I am going to try to write fearlessly in just my notebook and see where it takes me.
These past two months have been hectic. Between the practices and games, we're often busy with baseball every other day, and most weekends. But seeing the kids getting better, learning teamwork and now with the weather improving, I am almost sad that this is coming to an end. My daughter and I enjoy sitting on the blanket, watching the game, playing games of our own and just relaxing together. I've learned much about baseball and knowing the rules makes watching a game much more meaningful.
And as always, watching the kids gives me lots of story ideas. Who knows, some day I may write a story involving a ball :)


Ghost Girl said...

You go, Vijaya! Write ferociously!

We missed the baseball season this year, sadly. But perhaps next summer.

Vijaya said...

I'm trying, MaryAnn :) The things we learn from our children, eh?