Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Best Part

I saved the best for last. My dear friend, Fiona, stayed with me for the conference. Not only did we have a marvelous time staying up late and gabbing, we also worked on our articles that were due right after the conference. I think this is the first time we'll be sharing an issue. It's going to be in KNOW.

Fiona was gracious enough share the galleys of her book, BUBBLE HOMES AND FISH FARTS. It is a collection of the amazing ways that animals use bubbles. I don't know how often I said, "Cool, I didn't know that." It's sure to be a kid pleaser. Carolyn's illustrations bring the text alive and I can't wait to see it in book form! Good thing time flies.

Here they are, Carolyn and Fiona, meeting for the first time. I hope they make more books together.


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