Monday, September 22, 2008

Do It for Love

I just came across this advice from Walt Disney: "find a job that you like so much that you'd do it without compensation; then do it so well that people will pay you to continue."

Gosh, how this resonates with my life -- scientist, mother, and now writer.

I needed to hear Disney's words as I revise.


Angela said...

This is what I tell my kids--to find a job that they love and to not settle for anything less. That's why I'm so determined to get a book published--I want to show to my kids that I live by these words myself.

Stella said...

What wise advice! Easier said than done, though, but still something to keep in mind.

Vijaya said...

Yes, I hope we can show with our actions what we mean. Thank you for stopping by, Angela and Stella.

Sherry said...

Vijaya, I think anyone lucky enough to find something they want to do and get paid for it is already one step ahead of the rest. That is why, after I retired from paying jobs, I am trying my hand writing for children and YA, something I have always dreamed of doing. Sounds like you have already found several areas that you love and are successful in. What a talented person you are. I'll share with you what I have on my pc, to remind me when I write:

Life is short. Dare to dream and never give up on your dreams.

Happy dreaming to us all.


Vijaya said...

Sherry, thank you for stopping by and sharing your wonderful quote.
Dream on!