Friday, September 5, 2008


The first week of school went surprisingly well. I feel grateful that not all the extracurricular activities started this week. I only had to deal with soccer and football. Dance and piano will be added next week. I've been a lazy mother in the past. I mean, I didn't even take my son to preschool because it was so much nicer to hang out at home, throw rocks in the pond, weed the garden, and read books.

Then they got old enough for school. Kindergarten was a blast. And just for two-and-half hours. But when my son started Grade 1, my daughter missed him terribly. He was gone six long hours. I missed him too. I looked around for other kids, but they were ALL busy -- in preschool and other activities. There were mothers who tried to fit in a playdate between gymnastics and kindermusik. I said, No thank you. So I enrolled my daughter in preschool. I think it was good for her. She seemed to enjoy it. But she was happiest at home.

I tried avoiding organized activities for as long as possible, but two years ago, my son wanted to play baseball. He was seven, and I felt it was too early for team sports, but gave in. Well, I was right. These kids were happiest when each of them had a ball to toss. What a difference a year makes. Last year, the kids were awesome. Not only did they learn the rules of the game, but they worked together as a team.

My daughter is seven and plays soccer. She's improved tremendously. But I have a feeling that all these kids will play not just for themselves, but for the team, in another year.

I have turned into a suburban carpooling mom, schlepping kids to this, that and the other thing. I wouldn't have believed this about myself even three years ago. I miss our evenings together. I miss not having to hurry supper. I miss my kids.

We do have some downtime. We walk together with our pup. We take long baths. And when one is busy with sports, we have time to spend with the other. I cherish this one-on-one time.

And the bright side of school is that I have time alone to be with my own thoughts. Granted, this week I have been getting the house in order. I let a lot of things slide this summer, especially after getting the new pup, but I cannot think in such chaos, let alone write. I am terribly envious of people who can tune it all out and just write.

My mind is finally quieting down, and my story people whisper a few things now and then. If I don't pay attention, they whisper a bit louder. They're not yet clamoring to be heard but it's their time now. It's fall. And I want to fall into my stories again. Wish me luck.



Bish Denham said...

I wish you more than luck. I wish you words and the ease of stringing them together.

Vijaya said...

Thank you, Bish.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post, Vijaya! Hope you find many fun moments with your kids this fall. But most of all, I'm with you on that last paragraph! Enjoy falling back into your stories.

Angela said...

I sometimes feel like a bad mom because I didn't encourage my kids to play hockey. (Hockey is huge here). But ugh, all those early practices, filled up weekends, travelling to tourements, the expense...I am a bad mom. My hat goes off to those parents who do have hockey in their lives!

Vijaya said...

Thank you, Laura.

No way are you a bad mother, Angela. If it were solely up to me, my kids wouldn't even have heard of football :) Alas, my husband loves sports ... all of them.

Anonymous said...

Good luck. Fall is a beautiful time, isn't it? I'm going to "fall" back into some stories, too.