Sunday, February 22, 2009


Dear Readers (all five of you :)

You know that I’m going through spiritual journey. At first I had wanted to shout out everything to the world, but increasingly I feel the need to withdraw, look inward and cocoon. It’s an apt image … because I am literally being transformed. So I need to listen carefully to the voice I need to hear – that of my Lord, my God.

I need to quiet my mind. That means, minimizing distractions. Visiting the Blueboard and reading my favorite blogs is such a fun break but it has the opposite effect of quieting my mind. I get excited about a book or an author, or I want to participate in a conversation about writing. My mind gets filled with other people’s thoughts. So, as of today, I am taking a break from blogging and participating in other online communities. To be sure I will miss you all. And it will take an enormous amount of discipline for me to stay away from my favorite method of procrastination. I may even fail miserably. But I’ve got to try.

A good friend was telling me that what I’m experiencing actually has a term assigned to it: metanoia.

The Praxis of Prayer site defines it: METANOIA: This is the original term in Greek (often translated as "repent") which is at the root of the Christian message. As opposed to the idea of repentance which carries with it much moral and emotional connotation, metanoia signifies a turning or re-orientation of being and mind to an altogether different reality from the one we are used to. Precisely it means an inward reorientation of being and consciousness from the horizontal dimension to the vertical.

I do so love it when someone can articulate precisely what I’m blathering about. Thanks, Janel. Adios, my friends. You know where to find me if you need to talk. I’m still here. Just not *out there*.

God Bless You.


Bish Denham said...

Peace be with you as you journey.

Beth said...

Good for you, Vijaya. You are following the prodding of the Holy Spirit. I hope you find many blessings on this "vertical" journey as you reconnect with the Lord. :o) Who knows, maybe you will end up writing something about your experiences.

MollyMom103 said...

You shall go out with joy and be lead forth with peace.

All best, Molly

Marcia said...

May you grow closer to God than you ever dreamed in this season.