Monday, October 12, 2009

Reading and Writing

I just finished Rebecca Stead's WHEN YOU REACH ME. Wow! Just Wow! I loved the narrator's voice and I wasn't quite sure what the mystery was in the beginning, but the time travel aspect snuck up me and then I was completely hooked. I don't want to say anything more about some of the things I've been thinking of because they might spoil the book for you, but my son will read it next and I can't wait to talk to him about it. I love that we can sit and talk about books. It is such a gift.

We had both loved Nancy Etchemendy's THE POWER OF UN. And I suspect we will have similar discussions about the nature of time and what it means to be able to travel back and undo something.

Today in church I wept because the priest gave a homily that I felt was directed straight to my heart. I've been asking a particularly vexing question that involves giving up my writing (not now, but in a couple of years) so that I can teach more to fund a Catholic education for our kids and the answer came loud and clear as a bell. I am meant to write.

I cried because writing is so right. Because when God is with me, how can I fail? I can't believe that a second time in my life, when I am called to do something, that I let my misguided perceptions sway me. If I'd been closer to the Lord in my 20s, I'd have trusted Him and become a physician. I'd have borrowed the money to go to school. I wouldn't have been afraid. So I will not make the same mistake again. I pray that God will guide my hand as I write.

You can see why time travel books appeal to me, no? But in the end, I'm here today because of all the good and bad decisions I've made. And I'm happy to be here.




Bish Denham said...

There's nothing quite like getting a clear "signal." Besides which, God could easily "use" you to write for His glory.

Knock, and the door shall be opened.

Vijaya said...

Writing has been such a selfish pursuit, but it's also a calling, I realize. I hope God will "use" me as you put it, Bish. Thank you.

Write2ignite said...

Thank you for sharing this revelation! I have had a similar experience in my own life. I am glad you KNOW you are meant to write and that it is your calling! It's nice to know I'm in such wonderful company! ;)


Vijaya said...

Thanks, Donna. It's not always clear what His will is ... and I am trying so hard to follow Him and not just my own desires.

Tabitha Bird said...

Just wanted to tell you i like you entry on Nathan's blog. Dolls and the blood red honda. Nice visuals. I am hooked. That's a book I want to read. all the best :)

Vijaya said...

Thank you, Tabitha.

Mary Witzl said...

I have my fingers crossed that something will come along to make enough money for you to send your boys to the school of your choice. But I am glad that you made the decision to keep writing. I always think I'll pack it up, but in the end I come back to it because I love it so much. Also, if I stop writing, I talk too writing is better for everybody!

I love talking about books with my girls and they enjoy it just as much. We can talk about books together all day long -- it's almost as much fun as reading them!

Vijaya said...

Mary, I've always written for myself, and I doubt I could ever stop that midnight scribbling, but pursuing publication takes up a lot more energy and time than I envisioned.

We are also a bookish family, so book talk is rampant in our home.

Molly/Cece said...

Keep writing. Amen.