Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

What a weekend! Rain, rain, and even more rain. The baseball tournament got canceled. I have to admit that I was not sad because my husband was going to be away Sat. and Mon. umpiring and suddenly he was going to be home. So we had a lovely time all together, having some friends over, being lazy, playing games, watching movies.

My husband and I watched The Patriot starring Mel Gibson. Talk about the price of freedom. For me, this really hit home when we were living in Belgium and we attended the Memorial Day service at an American cemetery where nearly 8,000 of our young men are buried from WWII. The peaceful hills and valleys were once bloody fields ... It was the 50th anniversary and some of the surviving soldiers returned. I cried and cried like never before watching them hug each other. We walked amongst the graves. The boys were so young, just 18 or 20, some only 17. I hope and pray we never ever forget our fallen dead.

The other movie we watched (with the kids) was Faith like Potatoes. It is based on the true story of Angus Buchan who left his prosperous farm in Zambia to avoid all the unrest and war in the 1970s and brought his young family to South Africa. The family established a home and a farm, but once Angus accepted Christ in his life, he was able to lift himself and others up through faith. I loved his philosophy of doing what you can with what you have and trusting God to provide the rest. I don't know if I could ever have faith like potatoes -- it refers to planting potatoes under drought conditions -- but I wish!
My son has been playing with my camera and I admire how quickly he has figured things out without reading the manual. He took the picture above (among many others -- good ones too!) and below is his first time-lapse movie -- How to Draw a Cat -- starring my daughter. Enjoy!



Ruth Donnelly said...

Awesome movie--your kids are very talented!

Vijaya said...

Thanks Ruth. They are such fun, always trying out new things.

WordWrangler said...

WOW! Time lapse? That is cool beans!

When will he be offering an online class on how to do that? I'm ready with my registration... ;)

Vijaya said...

LOL Donna. My teensy camera has an option for this. I've had this for a couple of years, but never found it. I guess we know what the first lesson is, right? :)