Saturday, May 1, 2010

Please Help My Son with Memory Project

My son is curious about memory and is doing his science project on it. I want to use this as a tool to teach him some basic statistics, but for that we'd like to have more data.

And so I'm turning to you. We have a lot of answers from kids 10 and under, but don't have enough answers from teens and adults. My son and I will appreciate very much if you answer the following questions:

Your current age:
Your earliest memory (age):
What it was:
Age when you have continuous memory (that is, you remember the day to day routines, etc.):

You can answer here or send me a private email.

Thank you so much.

ps: cross-posted on the Blueboard, so if you've already replied there, no need to post here.


Bish Denham said...

I have sent you an email!

WordWrangler said...

Your current age: 37

Your earliest memory (age): around 2 years old, I think.

What it was:(a sweet memory of talking to my Grandpa and remembering him asking for more hugs! (a very sweet memory)

Age when you have continuous memory (that is, you remember the day to day routines, etc.): I don't know that answer to this one. I have "general" memories, but not an "every day" memory of schedules, routines, etc.

Hope that helps!


Vijaya said...

Bish and Donna and others who emailed me privately: thank you so much.

Mary Witzl said...

Well, you know mine. (I did post them, didn't I? My long-term memory is fantastic, but my short-term memory is a little less stellar. No doubt in order to free up all the long-term space, something has had to give...

I really want to see your son's results when this is finished!

Vijaya said...

Mary, you did send me yours. I find that my short term memory is also not as great as it used to be. Perhaps we should eat more blueberries or something ...

Nora MacFarlane said...

I just left an answer on the Blueboards.

Vijaya said...

Thanks, Nora.