Thursday, May 12, 2011

Babies and Blossoms in the Backyard

It's finally spring here, though it's wet and soggy. I want the sunshine to stay now. Of course, the rain makes it easier to stay indoors and write. I'm more than halfway done through my revision and it feels good to be plugging along.

Last month, the dog discovered this abandoned nest in one of the beds. I'm not quite sure what they are -- probably baby rabbits. But the dog would not leave them alone. She'd carry the babies out of the nest, roll them in the grass, and nuzzle them. My daughter ended up tucking the babies back. We finally moved them into the woods.

This month my daughter discovered a junco nest. Last week one of the eggs hatched. Today, the baby bird has some fuzz. You can see the heart beating through the translucent skin. It'll be so fun to watch the babies when they're all fluffed up.

Mama bird wasn't one bit happy about exposing her nest. She'd fly to a nearby branch and scold me. I love these beautiful nests -- it's architecture at its best.

And here are the promised apple blossoms!

Spring -- Life bursting forth!



Marcia said...

Simply beautiful!

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

How gorgeous!

Do baby bunnies survive if people/dogs touch them? Or are they like hamsters? I remember we handled our hamster's babies once and she wouldn't have anything to do with them after that. Sad. :( But you had no choice but to touch them if the dog was bothering them.

Enjoy spring! We've been having some incredible thunder storms over here. God's awesome display. :)


Vijaya said...

Thank you, Marcia and Amy. I don't know whether handling will cause the mother to reject the baby in the case of bunnies. I know that many animals will ignore the touched baby. However, I never saw a mother around in this case ... maybe the dog would've adopted them, but I doubt it.

The first creature Sunny (as a pup) encountered in the backyard was a baby bunny and they both looked at each other, as if to say: oh, hello, who are you? So, so cute! But then the bunny bolted into the underbrush and Sunny gave chase.

Anonymous said...

Cool Beans! You have a wide variety of wildlife. You should turn it into a photo essay.