Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Lord's Prayer in Aramaic -- Again

For some reason, I get a lot of people visiting here who are interested in the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic. As much as I loved the song, the translation that I pulled off the website is incorrect. I didn't realize this, but apparently there are several lovely (mis)translations floating around on the Internet. I should've done my research before posting, but better late than never. I will be deleting my previous post on the Lord's Prayer.

If you scroll near the end of this post, you will see a translation by Steve Caruso, a scholar, and I urge you to read the entire text.

As you will see, what we pray in English is good and well.

I am sorry to spread bad information, but I hope I have redeemed myself.

To a commenter who was interested in Aramaic, I hope you are reading this, and find the links useful.



Anonymous said...

V! I am going to check out the links. I am always interested in seeing direct translations. Hope you are staying cool down in SC!

Mary Witzl said...

Mistranslations or no, I'll bet the core is the same: good and well.

One of my colleagues a few years ago was a Syriac Christian. Hearing him talk about the Syriacs' interpretation of Christianity was fascinating.

Bish Denham said...

That was a very interesting link. Even if those other translations aren't correct, they are beautiful prayers!

Faith E. Hough said...

Very interesting! I've always wanted to know what the Lord's Prayer SOUNDED like in Aramaic...I'll have to do a little more searching...

Vijaya said...

Donna, I hope you enjoy the site. I am fascinated by language.

Mary, yes, the core is the same, but you still wonder why people added on their own personal stamp. I used to know a man who spoke Aramaic and he insisted it was the best way to pray the Lord's Prayer.

Bish, the prayers are beautiful and fresh, but I do like an accurate translation.

Faith, I did learn how to sing it (following the link). I don't know whether it's accurate, but the music is lovely.